HI my name is Janice hall I have a 13 yr old son who suffers post traumatic stress disorder, depression, panic and anxiety.
He has self harmed twice and just recently I was faced to find a suicide note from my son.
children's mental health is a very close subject to my heart and it is disgusting that out of hours there's no emergency service for these children/young people.
on the 1st of April my friends son who was just 20 yrs old hung himself he to suffered with depression but as far as I'm concerned was just left to get on with it.
I've had to fight anyone and everyone for my son to get help, but there's not enough help available at all.
Our children need and deserve good mental health care, support needs to be offered to all that need it, at the time they need it.
In the same way health care is provided for physical care.
good mental health provision saves lives, and this is my aim and goal for my son and every other child/young person in England and Wales that have any mental health condition.
I have started an online petition my link is www.petitiononline.com/janice74 please show your support by signing it and passing it on to everyone you know, many thanks.