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PiP assessment coming up - Carers UK Forum

PiP assessment coming up

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Hi I just received a phone call asking if it would be easier for a home visit for my son. I said yes that would be much better due to his social phobia agoraphobia anxiety ect and asked what they needed to do so I can know what I need ect. I am my sons appointee so at least now I can answer for him as he would say anything they needed to hear to get rid of them. Can anyone tell me what I should expect
Any advice is appreciated as never had an assessment before
Hi Ann-Marie.

PIP assessments ?

One's that are by the textbook or those that happen in real life situations ?

Quite a bit on the Internet for both ... especially the latter as maybe sort from the disability organisations forums ( SCOPE being one of the leading ones for an active forum. )

VERY emotive subject amongst the less abled community !

As for general " What to expect " guidance , a couple of links to the leading players in this field ... SCOPE one complete with a video ... the second from the CAB :

https://www.scope.org.uk/support/disabl ... nefits/pip

https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/benef ... ssessment/

Some sail through ... others have no end of problems.

An advocate working with you ?

To be a consideration ... Internet search ... PIP Advocates ... will produce many links ... even your son's own supporting organisation may have such a service ?

Bear in mind the thousands that have PIP assessments every year ... and the actual number reporting the outcome anywhere on the Internet ... perhaps 1 in every 500 or so ... and even then , a bias towards what went wrong ???

Other readers will , hopefully , be along to relate their first hand experiences.
Hi Chris no I don't have an advocate and all the help my son gets at the minute is from the mental health nurse about once a month unless I call sooner for help with something else for him
Thank you for the links
Your welcome.

That SCOPE video ... what SHOULD happen ... bear that in mind ?
Should happen? Having to be brutally honest in front of my son won't be easy but I know it has to be done.Will look at advocates to see if they can help
I would start with your son's own supporting organisation ... by condition ... MIND immediately springs to mind ( No pun intended ) ...and then , if necessary , perhaps a few of the others out there.