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Newbie and young(ish) carer :) - Carers UK Forum

Newbie and young(ish) carer :)

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
hi guys, just wanted to introduce myself, im allison and im 21 and im a carer for my daughter who is 2 years old. she has a condition called cchs (along with an ever increasing arm full of other problems) which in laymens terms means she doesnt breathe properly when asleep (much more complicated than that but its loooong!) it took a while to get her 'acknoweldged as having a problem but where getting there! consider myself as a carer since november 2011 ( as thats when her treatment stepped up a gear and she was place on oxygen). she know uses a nifty, kinda new form of ventilation via a mask. she requires care and a watchful eye 24/7! tiring and emotional at times Image hoping to meet some new carer friends on here Image
Hi Allison and welcome to the forum Image Lots of support here! we are all very friendly Image
There will be others along soon to give you a warm welcome too.
Hello Allison, I hope that the hospital has explained how you can get someone to come and give you a break now and then, electronic aids to help you, and benefits which you might be entitled to.
hi bowling bun no unfortunatly i get no help, no respite. i get carers allowence and DLA for my daughter but that is all the support i get. unfortunatly last year things got very tough and social services got involved. only for a month the case was dropped when they found i could cope with her with family support (my mum). the case was assessed by a man from ss he had soemthing to do with disability but he said our case didnt warrent extra support. i do have support from my mum we currently live together in a house. i get up with my daughter as and when required throughout the night and my mum gets up with her when she wakes in the morning and leaves me in bed to catch up sleep till about 10am. but my mum is struggling, she has degenerative disc disease of her spine, along with slight scoliosis and she also has rheumatoid arthritus in her spine to, so she is in incredible pain too! Image
My understanding of the rules is that Social Services (may be called Children's Services) have a legal duty to undertake a formal "needs assessment" for any disabled person, and also to undertake a formal Carers Assessment for anyone caring. So really you daughter and your mum ought to have a needs assessment and you and your mum should have a carer's assessment. Obviously your mum's own disability affects her ability to care. They should give you a written copy of their assessments. Don't feel guilty or a failure asking for these things, services are designed to support you in your caring role. If you go to the top of this page there is a tab which says "Help and Advice", click on this and you will find a downloadable booklet. Once you've read it, ring the Carers UK helpline if you need more information. Also, I wonder if anyone has mentioned "The Family Fund" to you? Google them for more details.
Hello, Allison, and welcome, you sound a wonderful family, you, your mum and daughter, hope it all pans out well for you all.
Phoebe x
Hello Allison,
Welcome to the forum.
I'm new here too.