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Personal alarms

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Im thinking of getting one of these Personal Emergency Alarms for my Mum who lives alone and has had a heart attack and stroke in the past. I'm baffled by prices and it doesn't help that I have never heard of any of the companies offering this service. Any advice or tips?
Have a look at the Age UK website

http://www.ageuk.org.uk/ especially here http://www.ageuk.org.uk/products/mobili ... al-alarms/

I know that Lifeline is a popular choice for a lot of people
https://www.lifeline24.co.uk/?gclid=CPv ... 7Qodie4ILw
Your local council oftens provides a service at much lower rates than the national private providers
My mum had a Lifeline, via the local council. Cost under £3 a week. She would have had to move into residential care years earlier without it. Gave us all peace of mind, and absolutely vital as she lived alone, fell regularly and was unable to get up again without help.
My mum's was also via the local council although self-funding. Again it was Lifeline, a pendant around the neck, that she never pressed in case they took her to hospital, although that is another story :shock:
My mum once got stuck in the bath as her bath lift failed, when she was alone. Murphy's Law would have it that I was away that weekend, in the end they called the ambulance and the paramedic managed to climb in a window!
She fell numerous times, due to a back problem, and they were kindness itself every time, always calm, patient, unhurried. Because of her medical problems she always had to be checked out by a paramedic anyhow, so the lifeline call centre knew to call the ambulance first, and then me. We usually arrived virtually together as my house is only 200 yards away from the ambulance station, although 6 miles from mum's place.
There's a microphone in the base phone, so if someone has fallen the operator can talk to the person concerned, if they are within shouting distance, even if the phone hasn't been picked up.
Most of all though, it gave me and mum peace of mind.
I second the suggestion of seeing if your council have a scheme? My Mum got her through the local council, I think it is around £4 a week. We were self funding, but were able to self refer to the "assistive technology" team. They came out really quickly. They also supplied and fitted a key safe (again we paid for this) which means that in an emergency paramedics can get in. It has give us SO much peace of mind.
In contrast to other replies I note that one national providers in links is cheaper than my local NHS social care partnership. They do have slavish protocol based approach to responding but that better than a 'laissez faire' approach!
It's a long time (last century!) since I had anything to do with these, so I may well be very much out of date, but IIRC you also need to check what sort of service you get for your money: does the company just call you or a designated other person and let them know there's a problem, do they actually send someone round themselves, or what?