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Hi - Carers UK Forum


Tell us a bit about yourself here.


Hi I’ve just joined, thought I would say hello and tell you a bit about myself. I’m a full time carer my for my 18 year old son who has Asbergers, ADHD, Psycosis, severe anxiety. Just feeling very lost and isolated. Support is useless, feel like I’m going round in circles but getting no where.
Hi Gill
I care for my young adult son with severe anxiety (which only manifested about 4 years ago although hindsight shows it earlier). I have a young adult relative with aspergers and psychosis. I also have remote care of my 95 year old mum who is in residential Home, and just added a pair of 85 years olds too.

Sad to say for the youngsters it hads been battle after battle. Becuase my son is non violent to himself or others he is not regarded as having any need for help or support from NHS or SS so we support him as best we cna at home an pay for private counselling. There is improvement but it is slow

In my relatives case he has been tried in various settings, home, supported flat, specialised care home (misnomer if ever there was one), was sectioned from there to secure mental hospital, then supposedly supported mixed house, now in NAS home but who knows for how long. Each move has been a long drawn out battle to get placement and funding, and we know it could be withdrawn in the blink of an eye.

Didn't mean this to be negative... so positively we have found praise , praise and more praise helps build self esteem in both youngster. From the carers point of view toughening up to look after oneself physically, mentally, emotionally and financially helps. It's all too easy to give that away and not reap any benefits from it so best to at least get some good for oneself. You also need to have a strong base to fight from.

We have found the website's and services from main charities useful, such as Mind, Rethink, Youngminds and NAS

You are most certainly not alone. Have you tried to find local support group for careers of asbergers? If none locally, what about setting one up?