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Partner with Brain tumour - Carers UK Forum

Partner with Brain tumour

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Hi, I am new to this forum. My partner was diagnosed with a GB grade 4 brain tumour in April. He has had a really good debulking operation and he is due to start his 6 weeks of Radio/Chemo thereapy next Monday.

He started having seisures in February but was not offered any scans until the end of March. I have been told by the oncologist that it is common for these types of rare brain tumours to not be picked up immediately. His was only picked up because of the wonderful staff in Salford Royal.

I am not sure what to expect or how the treatment will go or even how long my partner has. He says he wants to know how long he has, but I am not sure I want to know. In any case I am not sure anyone will say at this early stage. Does anyone else have a similar experience.

Hi Paula
So sorry to hear your story!
I have no direct knowledge but have found what might me a useful link.
http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-c ... in-tumours
I hope others read your post and can offer some support.
Please keep posting. Some people like to make a daily diary. I know it's not for everyone.
Many thanks for the response and the useful link.
I will keep posting and might try a weekly diary! I find writing ones feelings down sometimes helps.
Hi Paula and welcome to the forum,
What an awful shock and horrible, frightening news.
I know nothing about radio therapy but I've had chemo. 21 years ago now. No, I didn't have a brain tumour. I know how 'success stories' can give you hope, just in case it applies to you, but all I want to do is tell you how chemo affected me so you know how your partner may feel. You know how you feel when you are just getting over a nasty dose of flu or a tummy bug? Weak, off colour, achy, a bit miserable, frustrated because you don't feel like doing 'normal' things and having to give in and go to bed early? Just as you are feeling better you have to go and have another dose. Well, that describes how it was for me. Plus there's the possible complication of numb hands and feet, sickness and that horrible hair loss. I'm telling you this because your partner may be feeling pretty rough and a bit 'disconnected' while they are having their treatments.
I found something to do while I was 'sofa bound'.
In my case it was 'Cross stitch'. Not appropriate for your partner perhaps but if they could find something to keep their hands busy at least, it might help.
One thing I would say is, I believe if they didn't think there was hope, they wouldn't be wasting NHS funds on the expensive treatment.
Oh and, yes, I was told that 'thinking positive' was a great plus.
Wishing you both all the luck for the journey ahead.
Elaine, thank you so much for your response. I've had a few people say that they wouldn't be giving my partner this treatment unless there was some hope. I know it's expensive and everything comes down to money unfortunately in the end.

Your kind words have really cheered me up.