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Overnight hospital carer for dad with parkinsons - Page 6 - Carers UK Forum

Overnight hospital carer for dad with parkinsons

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Why? Because they are chronically underfunded. And no one gives a monkey for old, sick people. The least appealing of all categories of human being. NO ONE wants to know.

Agree with Jenny. But also they are not all terrible. My Dad is in an amazing one (CHC funded). Maybe do a bit of research/asking around friends and relatives for recommendations? Sorry this is all so hard xxx
It is very hard.
Not all nursing homes smell of urine and poo. My husband's doesn't. Rarely do we get a whiff, and that's only because some poor person has had an accident. Soon sorted. On Monday, the activities lady had some more able residents at a table making Xmas decorations. Hubby isn't able or interested sadly.
The visitors I have met, since hubby has lived there, don't hate the home, just hate the fact that loved ones NEED to be there, none of us WANT it.
Yes, it's true - there ARE nice, good homes! As in, they are as nice, and as good, as they CAN be, given the sad condition of the residents.

The 'worst' I've known was the secure wing of the care home my poor MIL with deep dementia was in, and that, really, was because all the residents there had deep dementia. So, the whole grim 'side-effects' were in operation - ie, double incontinence. They couldn't help it, it was the nature of their illness - and they themselves, thankfully, had no idea what they had 'sunk' to, thank God - would have been dreadful if they had. The 'ultimate indignity' (and dementia strips ALL human dignity just about....)

The nursing and caring staff valiantly 'did their best' and overlaid as much as possible with air fresheners and so on. It didn't help that this secure unit HAD to be pretty 'secure' by definition, because it was only for the residents who would have wandered off otherwise. But it meant that 'outside space' was limited (and of course only open in the summer months).

For all that, when you walked in, there was a strong scent of 'disinfectant and the substances that required disinfectant' ....it gave the place a sad aura, I can't deny that. But, as I say, the residents themselves had no idea - they were unaffected by it.

When she moved out of the secure unit, because she was immobile and could no longer wander off, she was able to be in the much brighter and 'fresher' main section of the care home. FAR nicer.
After seeing how bad nursing homes are better take dad home.very difficult to find good nursing agency. So many agency workers hospital scary - need to do subcutaneous fluids at home but lot nurses don't do it again difficult finding agency....been nearly 3 months ago helping dad. Constant Mouthwash, coughing up phlegm trying to fish it Out, repositioning in Bed, changing his Pads, feedings one can take hours# hopefully with hood nursing again I'll be able to have a meal and sleep in the evenings if only for 1 or 2 nights.
Dads awake normally all night coughing.just gotnimtoslerp. night observation lady screamed are hou awake abd i said he jystgone asleep then she slams door closed
dad came home tuesday :D

Well done. I hope it all goes well for you. Your devotion to dad is outstanding.
Aw, that is excellent news. Dad is so lucky to have you.