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New to forum - Carers UK Forum

New to forum

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi all im new to the forum.
i have been a carer for nearly 26 years to my girls one is nearly 26 and she is now in independant living. the other is 13
they both have servere learning disabilaties and other problems
I dont really get out that much but do have a couple of close friends who visit when they can
i also care for my elderly mother
Welcome to the forum, it sounds like you have your work cut out for you. I'm new here myself and so far have received nothing but kindness, helpful advice and encouragement. I think you'll find that joining was a good decision.

Hi - my son is autistic and in his 20s in supported living. Welcome to the forum :)
Welcome to the forum. My son is 34, SLD, in supported living. I've been supporting mum, with many problems, but after a long spell in hospital is now in a nursing home.
Hello Angela and welcome to the forum :)

Have a look around and join in wherever you like :)
Welcome to the Forum, Angela. That is quite a heavy responsibility - do you get any help?

Looking forward to getting to know you,
Hi everyone thankyou for your responces. i get 2 nights a month respite for my daughter and i have been asking for more for over a year but dont seem to get anywhere even tho mum went through cancer last year and has now broken her wrist i ask for more help and never get it.
My eldest moved in to suported living (mencap) the begining of last year then in november last year i phoned up to talk to her and was told she didnt live there anymore so was left for a week not knowing where she was, then found out that she is her own house with 24hr carers she is now getting on great. i have got a battle going on with my youngest daughter and her school they seem to be adament that they can toilet train her even tho the specialist at the hospital has said she cannot control her bowel and bladder and will stay incontinent.
My father gets a weeks respite every seventh week, which I think is about the maximum you can get without losing benefits, so keep pushing them about respite. Lets face it two days is barely enough time to catch your breath and certainly not enough to recover.

As far as toileting is concerned I can't way up what the problem is these days. His old daycare (the one the council chose to close) was happy to toilet him and even move him into an armchair but the new one insist on leaving him in his wheelchair and should his nappy overflow I've had to agree to go and change it myself. Fortunately I buy good quality pull ups for him and they seem to be holding out.

Welcome Angela,

That's a long time to be caring.

I hope you find the forum friendly.