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Old man

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Sorry for the late reply.
He's 70 years old in a couple of months.
He needs prompting and direction which he did not require before.
I don't know whether it's memory loss or confidence lost due to his health.

I also get the notion that I need to take care of myself as well.

Thanks to all for the advice offered.
Yes, remember that you need to keep well, for both of you. Elderly I'll people lose the ability to see how much others are doing for them. They also forget that their children are growing older too, as adults they cannot be ordered around as they might have been as a child!
Operation cancelled today supposedly somebody more in need.

Battling his GP to get his situation taken seriously.
I've had enough going to change doctor's after this.
The last time a Doctor treated things as frivously was in 1987 suggesting it's a migraine to my father and take a couple of paracetamols. Massive Cerebral Hemorrhage. It's easy when it's not your own family or friends.
An assessment team coming out later to decide whether respite in care home, hospital or stay at home for dad.
I hold my breath.
Be sure to have time to discuss how you feel either as they arrive, or as they leave, outside where you can be open and honest and speak without dad hearing.
I've been waiting all day and nothing has materialised.
I called Doctor's asking when are the assessment team coming ?
They don't know as their not privy to that information !!!
I said do you know their working hours as you can establish if their going to come at all ?
His doctor's are about as useful as an ice cream teapot.

I managed to get a number but it goes straight to answering machine.

Yeah NHS (No Health Service)
Suffice to say nothing.

I managed to catch up with some of the assessment team but the information provided to them by his GP was it's no rush !!!
I left four messages eventually someone called back.

After speaking to someone they have suggested the more senior team will come out tomorrow as they have more scope to assess and place him. Unfortunately it was not until end of day before I got reply.

I can try and push things tonight with NHS 24 but likelihood is midnight before we see anyone and who knows when in the middle of night to be taken away. He's sleeping at the moment and probably better to let him rest.
Sorry about the late catch up.

Managed to get my father admitted into hospital yesterday after the assessment team checked him over.
Initially they suggested a 2hr request for an ambulance. But on receipt of blood test results an ambulance was sent immediately. It's transpired that no changes were made to the diuretics to take into account the fluid restriction therefore he's been pushing water out of his system non-stop. The dehydration explains the confusion he's been having but I've mentioned a lot more things to the Doctor's in the hospital with what's been going health wise with him.

Will have to see how things lie when his fluid balance is restored. Hopefully some things return to their more normal levels for him. But the mobility and other issues means seeking additional help. He's certainly not leaving hospital until I feel it's appropriate. Will have physio, occupational therapy, social work etc properly assess things with a view to further alterations or moving house if necessary.

Will also look into getting additional carers and proper breaks for myself.

I have to look after my own health as well.
It's transpired that no changes were made to the diuretics to take into account the fluid restriction
That's terrible. He has been seriously let down.

Glad he is in hospital now, trying and take a break now.

This info might be useful https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... f-hospital

Thanks for the link "Melly1".

I'm definitely going to seek help as I've been left with support for years. I've not had a proper break and need a time out from time to time.
Have you ever had a Social Services Carers Assessment?
Has dad ever had a Needs Assessment?
Has he ever had an NHS Continuing Healthcare Assessment?