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Hi All
I am new to this group, but wanted some advice
We have just had an email with letter attached showing my dad is in arears, he is self funding and we visit him at least 1 or 2 times a week.

The letter breaks it down to owing from April 16 - March 17 he was underpaying £18 per week and April 17 - March 18 underpaying by £52.34 per week so he owes £3500 something.

He has a tight budget and we rent his house out to help pay towards his care

We have had no letters or other emails to say he was behind with his fees the only thing we were told was last Saturday that they had sent a letter but it had come back because they had put our wrong address on it.

Sorry for the long message but how much notice should we have been given to say the fees had gone up, no one at the home has mentioned anything until last Saturday.

My uncle was in the same home who died last October also self funding and on the same letter they are chasing for £2500 for him for same reasons

Don't panic and don't pay anything until you've checked out the above links and also had a good look at the care home contract. This should mention any care fee reviews (usually annually).

Don't forget that any monies owed will be by your father and not you. If this oversight is down to the care home through not communicating with you, and if you agree that you owe the mone y, then I think the best they can expect is for it to be paid off at a minimum rate over whatever timescale that takes.

With regard to the fees allegedly owed by your late uncle, if they are indeed owed then they would have to be paid out of his residual estate - not by you!
Are you your uncle's executor? If so, I would simply put that chaser letter aside for now, and focus on your dad's situation. After all, what can they do to your uncle now, except threaten to sue for the recovery of the money they claim he owed?

Far more important to focus on your dad right now, and get that sorted. Definitely refer to the contract, and surely it was up to them to inform you of the rate rise, and chase 'earlier' rather than let it accumulate? Don't be hustled! Stay 'reasonable' if you possibly can, but 'stubborn'.

If it's financially impossible to find the lump sum 'instantly' (IF it's due - as in, check the contract etc) then the care home will have to accept gradual payment in instalments. Don't be alarmed if they say he'll have to move - it will be far easier for them to take instalments than lose a paying resident!

How big is the care home company? I think the smaller ones are not always very tightly run when it comes to the Accounts Department. My MIL's care home is very nice, not a very large company (about three homes in the group I think, all quite local), and the accounts department simply send me a bill, but if I don't pay 'instantly' they are very easy-going, it seems, about chasing me for it. Once I was away, plus distracted, and realised I hadn't sent them a cheque for a month, and the new bill arrived, so I paid both together. They didn't seem put out, and I think it's because as a small company they aren't as 'aggressive' perhaps in their finances??
Thanks for the replays

As far as I know I have never signed a contract, my dad pays by standing order so unless they tell us of an increase it stays the same each week.

No I am not my uncle's executor but his estate was all sorted by the solicitor in January 18 the care home is only small but is covered under a limited company and I think they have 3 homes.

Thanks again
The solicitor should have put a notice in the paper that Mr. X of YY has died, and anyone with any claim to the estate must get in touch within x number of days. They obviously knew he died, so they should have sorted this out long ago. There is a legal phrase "Delay defeats Equity". Basically, tough!
Even if your dad pays by standing order, there should (must?) be a contract somewhere that HE has signed, so ask the Accounts office for it (ie, if he doesn't know where it is).

As for your uncle, just refer the care home to the solicitor - not your problem! As BB says, it may be legally beyond claiming anyway by this stage - the solicitor will know.
On the subject of care home contracts , a recently posted news item may prove to be of interest : ... ours-32438

In particular , if there was a contract , did it comform to the Consumer Protection Act ?

One to bounce of a solicitor if need be ?
If the home has got my dad to sign something I would argue that he has been diagnosed with dementia and I had power of attorney before he went into home so I don't think they could use that.

All I have got from home is a sheet of paper showing date of admission and weekly amount not had anything since except for this email.

If he was admitted with dementia then any contract would not be legally enforceable. They know that, they're just trying it on.