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Hi I'm new to the forum so a big hi to everyone. Im going in to see my boss tomorrow and scared stiff as I'm asking for a 12 Sabbitcal as my husband has been diagnosed with Bowel Cancer, is inoperable with a poor diagnosis. Obviously I want to spend as much quality time with him as possible hence the reason for asking for the Sabbatical. Has anyone else dealt with having to ask for a Sabbatical?
Hi Sue, welcome to the forum,(but sad for you and your husband).
I have no experience with taking a sabbatical,I am sure someone else will be along shortly.Good luck with the meeting.
Many thanks LazyDaisy xxx
Hi Sue and welcome Image
Sorry to hear about your husband. I work and care for my mum. When her health declined, I went to see my boss talk things through etc. I didn't take a sabbatical, but reduced my hours so I only worked a couple of hours every other day. Of course, I was only paid for the hours I actually worked but I found it to be the best option in my case. But, every caring situation is different, so you must do what you think is the best for you and your husband.
Good luck Sue, let us know how you get on.
Hi Sue,sorry to hear of your situation,but please try to not be scared about speaking to your boss & do let us know the outcome.
Sabbatical leave doesnt seem heavily underpinned in employment law rights but is mentioned alongside special & compassionate leave,so i am sure your boss will understand & will tell you what your employers policy is or he might even say he has to take advice himself Image
Another interesting link (below) here similar to my own experience but as you can see every employers policy & contract can be different.
http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/in ... 655AAPpzFd
Thanks India & Bryan, I know I shouldnt be scared as its something genuine and not just for travelling etc just more quality time together. Will let you know how I get on as it may help others too xxx
Sue D, welcome to the forum and very sorry to hear of your situation, let us know how you get on.
I am 47 and a carer for my Husband who is 78 and very ill at the moment. I reduced my hours from full time to 5 hours a week recently, but he has been so ill that i am even worrying about those 5 hours.
Depending on the outcome of what they discover (he already has asbestosis, copd, arthritis and pmr) I may have to make some descisions about work. A sabatical was one option I hadn't thought of, so you've helped me.
Good luck, and ((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))) to you and Hubby.

Phoebe x
Hi Phoebe, Apparently, a lot of companies are allowing Sabbaticals now and it is done a lot in America. I am asking this on the advice of my Doctor and she said if they wont allow it she will keep giving me a note for Depression. Thats not the road I want to go down but I may have to as time is not on our side and I know what's more important at the moment as hubby is healthy on this round of Chemo but we dont know how he'll be when he has more and more as it's Chemo for life now. Glad I was able to help with another option for you.
Sending back big hugs ((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))
Hi all & Sue especially.
Sue the key issue is agreeing in writing with them a time period for any agreed sabbatical & that it keeps all your existing contract rights & time served benefits intact.
You may have to take some sabbatical leave as holiday time or unpaid as time moves along but your employee status is more inportant if you wish that door kept open.
Hi All & Bry, well what a day it was! The boiler wasnt giving out hot water and the car wouldnt start! Anyway I emailed my request letter to my boss so she is aware of what I want to discuss with her and I will re-arrange another meeting when car okay and will ring her. At least I've got the letter in now and its starting the ball rolling. Thanks Bry, I will see what they come back with for me, just keeping my job open would be great for me but we'll see