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Not sure what to do (psychosis) - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Not sure what to do (psychosis)

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi all. Things got really really bad today. I woke to find my mum saying that her head is being "sucked in". She thinks that she has a parasite or something that is putting holes in her head and sucking it in. She also had one of her physical syntoms which is where her mouth moves a lot. She covers her face when this happens.

One of the issues is that my brother has his girlfriend over quite a bit. She does not want to do these things infront of her so tries to hide it. Today it got so bad that she thought everyone (Including me) were planning to get her arrested. She thought we were all in on some plan. She even planned on what to say. She thought a van outside was some listening station and told me she was thinking of telling them she knew what they were doing.

What really worries me is that she planned on handing herself into the police. She has NO idea what for but because of her CPN she thinks that they think she has done something but cant remember what. She is convinced that an investigation is underway and they are gathering evidence.

Everything that is happening has the root cause of her CPN and that damn lady who reported her. Because her CPN did not say why she was asking these questions she now has only her imagination to fill in the gaps.

But, today we get a letter. Her CPN has booked a holiday to see her family for an unknown amount of time. This comes on the day that they are in the news (Link to story) about how poor they are. She is now with the "Crisis" team. I was going to call them today as it got to a point where I could not take it anymore and nor could she. I got her to bed and she slept for 3 hours (Which is great for her) and then decided to see what I could do for her. We watched a movie (Which is a good thing. It shows she is thinking good) and then watched some Ab Fab which she loves. She is now in a good state of mind (For this month anyway) and I hope it continues.

Because she has no CPN now and her CPN has just LEFT her... She now thinks that NO ONE wants her. She thinks her CPN hates her or is gathering evidence on her to get her locked away.And in some ways she is right. She has no CPN. The CPN never came anyway, when she did she stayed for 20mins (Not the 1-2hs) and then plays mind games with my mum. She should know not to do this.

I think today is the worst I have seen her since she last took an overdose and thought she was invisible. I know its bad when I feel I cant hold in my emotions. I never want to call her CPN/Crisis teams as they may take her away forever. But today I thought it was best for her. I am glad "now" that I did not though.

The children are my children (girl and boy) from a failed relationship. Its a messy situation that I hate talking about. They have no idea what she is like and nothing that I know of effects them. My Daughter has Asperger syndrome. My ex knows quite a bit about my mum but she fails to understand the extent of it all (Which I guess is a good thing in some ways). I talk to my ex a lot and do talk about my mum. She does not see my mum as a risk to her or the children... Believe me, if I thought she was I would put things in place.
My sister has her own problems. She does not really understand how psychosis works. She thinks a lot of the things are just my mum being "silly". I think at times she causes a lot of the problems as my mum remembers stuff she says and then cries about it later.
My Brother is great. He lives here and tries his best. He is much calmer than I am but he spends much less time with my mum than I do. I do not mind him doing this as he is the baby of the family and I REALLY want him to not have to deal with all of this. I want him to have a better life.

I have my fingers crossed that things get better. I hope to get some sleep now and her to be better or the same as she is now.
Please speak to crisis and ring the cpns boss up
hi Conrad,

How are you today? I agree with Tracie, ring the crisis team if you need them (and it sounds like you do) - it may give you a chance to talk to someone different as the CPN you've had hasn't been any use.

Conrad, from what you've said it sounds like your mum is suffering like this because of the change in administering her medication. If that's the case it's really unacceptable.
Is it that she doesn't take the medication regularly now or that she's on a different one that doesn't work? Either way, it shouldn't be happening if she was much better with the injections.
Is her psychiatrist aware of this? I would have thought he/she could overrule any cost saving decisions if it's not satisfactory clinically.

Have you had a chance to call MIND ? I do think you need some help and support
in dealing with the Mental Health Team and social services. I understand it's very difficult to make a call like that, it takes me forever to get up the courage. But - it's always better once I've done it, then I wonder why I waited so long. MIND will be
used to people calling them when they are stressed and overwhelmed by their situation, they will give you time to explain and help you work out what to do next.

Conrad, I just wanted to say that you seem like a really good person. You are trying so hard for your mum and trying to protect your brother. I hope you realise that, you should be proud of yourself. Don't be afraid to ask for help. I understand that you don't want to involve your brother any further, but that's all the more reason to get outside help from MIND. You can't keep on taking all this pressure and it will make a huge difference if you have someone to support you.

best wishes,
Lesley xx
Conrad - I've sent you a PM.
I just wanted to say I hope you are OK. Hope you have managed to follow or think about some of Lell's good advice.
I can really relate to what you are going through - the 'listening van' is one of my mum's favourites when she is feeling paranoid.
take care xx
Hi all, Thanks again for your support.

I had my birthday which I was hoping would be good. The night before I had a great time watching some Stand up comedy with my mum. I went be bed thinking it would be a good day.

I woke to see my mum in a really bad mood. She would not talk and was in one of the worst moods I have seen her in. I still have no idea why. I was really upset as in my mind I was thinking "Why cant you be nice on my birthday?!" I was even quite mad. I know it was wrong now but I refused to talk to her. I just went to my room and stayed in all day. I saw my brother and cooked him some food... My mum refused to eat. I dont normaly cry but I was so close.

The next day was the same. I questioned her on it and asked why she was like this now. She said she could not help it and she understood. She said she is like 2 people. One thinks we are all planning things against her and the other thinks she is being silly.

Last night she snapped out of it. She talked and we pretended like it never happened. We have not talked about it. She made some food and we all ate.

I hope it stays like this as I feel ok now. I know if it went bad again I would feel really bad.

I came really close to walking out. I feel so bad about it now... but I was just so upset and emotional.

I have not called anyone yet. It is hard in my house. My mum wont use phones and I worry she will hear me on the phone and think I am planning to do something. I cant leave the house much as I now have my own issues with leaving. I do go out, but only if i have to.
hi Conrad,
sorry you had such a difficult time on your birthday, I'm not surprised you were upset.
You're coping with such a lot at the moment, I wish you could get some support.
It's difficult when you're anxious because you haven't had good support from CPN's etc.
but I worry how you are going to carry on with so much stress to deal with alone.

I can understand that you're having issues about going out yourself, but that's only going to get worse if you let it. Please try to go out and make that phone call, it can't make anything worse and it could make life much better for you and your family.
take care Conrad,
Lesley xx
Hello Conrad,

You need help fairly urgently. What is your carer support network like? I know that at times, because of lack of funding, and at weekends/bank holidays your call is the dreaded answer phone message, and when you are at your wits end this can make matters seem worse for you as a carer. If you can get out to make those calls as Lell suggested, it would be good for you too, just a half hour out of the house, though I do appreciate your difficulties.

You are doing the best you can, and your own anxieties can take over. Try hard not to let it, and I know this is easier said than done, but the fact that you are getting things off your chest here will ease your situation a little.

Take care, keep 'venting' here, you are getting some sound support from others whilst you do.

Treez xx
I think that you should speak to the professionals for back up
hi Conrad,
how are you doing? Hope your weekend has been ok.
I'm glad to see some sun, and feel better for being able to sit outside for a while.
Take care,
Lesley x