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About to Begin caring for both My parents Full Time - Carers UK Forum

About to Begin caring for both My parents Full Time

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Both my parents are now 87. They have been married now for 66 years. They have had their fair share of health problems over the last 20 or so years but having each other has got them through some difficult times. However now they have got to a point where it is not enough and i am going to be moving in with them shortly to take care of them. I myself am 58 and haven't really worked for the last few years as i have had issues with arthritis and an underlying ongoing condition known as DISH. It just seems an ideal solution that i should move in and help them in their twilight years. I haven't claimed any benefits for quite a few years and have been living sparingly on handouts from family and savings. I have not wished to be subject to the DWPs ridiculous rules as to whether or not i am fit to work. However moving in with my parents i shall or may claim Carers Allowance. I believe that this amount is £62.10 per week. Does anyone know if this for each parent or would it be a single payment for both. My parents currently receive Attendance allowance for each other. Would anyone know if they would lose that if i claimed Carers Allowance as it actually adds up to more than Carers Allowance even for 2 people. I am very new to all this so please forgive my ignorance. Many thanks.
Hi Kevin

Your parents would certainly not loose their Attendance Allowance but you would only be able to claim Carers Allowance yourself for just the once even if you look after 2 people. Please also get yourself as a registered carer so that it is easier with getting information, speaking to professionals etc and also let Social Services know. They may have things they can offer you which don't require means testing or fitness tests.
Thank you kindly Henrietta for your advice. Am about to drive my parents to Norfolk for a couple of weeks holiday so shall be off grid but will def get on with carrying out your advice when i return.
Hi Kevin, my mum had DISH, or diffuse idiopathic spinal hyperostosis. I am really very concerned about your well being, especially caring for two parents, not just one! Please be very careful not to compromise your own health in any way. My mum simple ignored all the advice she was given, and paid a terrible price in terms of very severe disability in later years. Hyperostosis was given as the cause of death, albeit at 87 years.