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Nice to be here - Carers UK Forum

Nice to be here

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Good afternoon all;
I am new here and have joined as I am a full time carer for my wife, a sufferer of Dystonia. Although she works full time, there are many tasks around the home that she cannot complete alone and following a car accident last year this has increased. I also work full time but am currently off as long term sick due to a spinal issue. I have decided that it would probably be helpful to talk to other people in similar circumstances for a little "support" when I have "down" days. I am hoping to be back at work later this year if the next round of steroid injections is successful.
Nice to be here!
Welcome and nice to have you here :D
Hi Gary, welcome to the forum. I'm concerned about you having a spinal issue and working as well. Have you asked Social Services for any support? Whether it's available depends partly on where you live, it seems. After I had a car accident I was disabled for five years, but still had two carees! I started streamlining the house, bit by bit. It's taking a while, but the aim is to follow William Morris's idea of having nothing in my house that I know to be useful, or think to be beautiful!! The binmen must wonder what is going on here, I've filled countless sacks of old papers, given loads to the charity shops, and skipped some. The garden has had a major redesign, no borders now, so easy to look after. Now I can sit on my new patio without always seeing a job that needs doing! Recently, I've been giving the "evil eye" to my kitchen. My son's day service now have lots of things from me for their new kitchen.
Hello Gary and welcome to the forum :)

Have a look around and join in wherever you like - if you have anything specific you want to talk about maybe start of new topic of your own. You'll find that we're very friendly and supportive although we may not all have the same problems.
We've never looked at any SS help as neither of us considered ourselves in need! We like to try and manage as we are. It's only really the recent long term sickness that has made me think differently. I should be returning to work in August after a month long course of steroid injections in the spine in July! Time will tell if that works; if not next step might be an op to fuse the spine. Not sure what help we could get as we both earn. A couple of years ago I was out of work through a period of mental health illness and was told I was not even eligible for job seekers! Thanks for the replies BTW.
Hi Gary and welcome.

I hope you enjoy the forum and find it supportive. I'm off sick too, I had an operation last Tuesday. A colleague at work was off with her back, she could barely move and was in terrible pain. She finally had a course of steroid injections and is back now on phased return. She is taking each day as it comes. I hope they work for you too.