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newish to forum

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi my names Di.

I joined the site a while ago but my computer broke ( beyond repair) and couldn't afford a new one, but now im using my nieces old one.

Image I have recently posted a topic on a forum and have received some good advice, its good to know we can help each other, this week has been a very difficult week for my mam and me, i relised i need help looking after her, i have struggled for a long time on own, no not true with some help from my sisters, but im sure you all know what i mean when i say i always put myself after my mother (who i care for 24/7) and i wouldnt have it any other way.

But her health is failing in particular her ability to walk and suppport herself, enen just getting out of bed, so i finally told my family this and have decided to request an assessment, i am unsure what this entails or will achieve, but i hope something good wil come out of it just to make our world a bit more safer for both of us.

Sorry to waffle on, i know you all have busy lives.

Thanks for listening. Bye for now.

luv Di x
Hi Di

I only joined this site tonight, as I felt that I should reply to you. I have been my Mum's sole carer for 4 years now and had to give up work to look after her 24/7. She has had 19 strokes, has vascular dementia and is now bed ridden following her last stroke at the end of July. My Mum's GP called Social Services and requested an assessment, as he was concerned about my own health. I have only been in touch with them for 2 weeks, but they have been a tremendous support so far so I would urge you to get yourself and your Mum assessed. If they deliver what they have promised and I am sure they will, then my Mum will be much safer and I will get 10 hours off a week which will at least let me get out of the house.
Good luck
Welcome Di and Bluebird and Bluebird, how lovely of you to join to offer support to another newbie Image
Thanks Myrtle. I have heard so many stories that put people off contacting social services that I just wanted to let Di know that its the best thing that I did and definately worth trying. Image
hi Bluebird and Myrtle

Thanks to both of you for kind words, i know deep down Social Services had to be contacted.

I wil let you know what happens.

Thanks Di, hoping you get the result you need Image
Welcome, both!

Let us know how you're getting on.
Hi Di,
Its so difficult to tell the social about your situation as you feel like you are betraying the person you care for. I cried alot and my Mum was upstairs so it was really difficult, but there comes a time when it is best for both of you, be honest with them Di about what you both need. My social worker is absolutely lovely and very understanding, I hope yours is too. Let me know how you get on,

Hi Charles,
Thanks for your welcome!
Welcome Bluebird

x x
Welcome Bluebird nice to meet you Image