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Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi Glenn,

Your a star to behold! Crikey and I think I've got problems Image

Were always here for you, just get it all off your chest as everyone on this forum understands completely.

Merry Christmas!

Hello and welcome Image
Hi hello it's me again Image . Can anybody shed some light on how or who do i see about getting an ocupational therepist to visit my home, basicaly i want them to do an assesment on my home AGAIN to see about any adaptions that could be done to my home so that i do not have to move. He had one done when he was 6 (he is now 10), he could'nt use his wheelchair in the house then and as he is 4 yrs older and still cannot use wheelchair in house. I have to carry him to the toilet (downstairs) and back during the day and he has a camode for his use upstairs. We all wish to stay in this house as his school is 30 yds down the road and is a mainstream school which i wish to keep him in. Also I have a good close relationship with the school ( 20 yrs ) as i am a Parent Govorner at his school, I also supervise the football on the mornings from 8 till 8:50 then from 8:50 till 9:20 I help with security of the main school ( all voluntry). OMG see i just can't stop writing when i start (sorry) I don't mean to bore people but trying to talk to the people who are there to help (officials) is like banging my head against a wall once again sorry for going on but i have to tell you as my kids are bored with me telling them lol Image
Hi Glenn Image
We have the OT from the Health Centre as ours is integrated and you can get hold of anyone you need through there. We found them much more accessible, friendly and helpful than the one we had from the ss. A lot quicker too!
So try asking your GP to refer you.

Merry Christmas Image
Thank you Myrtle I will give that a go. Image
Hi Glenn

Welcome just read your posting re mind's a bit about the little old lady that lived in a shoe.

You seem to be coping very well in your circumstances well done mate i bet your house isn't quiet at Christmas.

Best wishes to you hope you get all the help you need.

Thank you very much John and yes your quite right, BUT it will be hard to tell if it the most hectic and not so quiet day as i usually have 365 of them lol Image. But hey it's for the kids anyway I think the last time I got something was 5 an a half yr ago AWWWWWWW lol. I hope you have a very very good xmass and a wonderful new year, all the best to you and your family from my family and me.
OR ASK YOUR GP about the need for an OT's visit and assessment.
Hi Glenn and welcome. I look after my mum full time and have 6 kids and thought that was a lot!

You will find lots of friendly people on here - and lots of advice too.

Happy New Year to you all. Image