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Newbie to carers uk

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello my name is Josie I am 23 years old and I am my mums (49) full time carer.
Just a bit about myself, I gave up work about august 2013 where I was a supervisor for a catering company, I never wanted to work in catering and I am actually a qualified hairdresser but I needed a job and fell into catering working part time as a customer service assistant all whilst caring for mum part time and I needed up staying and being promoted by the time I was 19. A new a manger took over and pretty much started making my life hell not paying me for overtime calling me at all hours usually drunk and as my mums needs grew I decided to leave as become we full time carer. It was the best decision I ever made I really really enjoy looking after mum and we have so much fun since I past my driving test and got covered on her motability car we both love nature and found loads of disabled friendly nature reserves in the area my dad also drives but he works full time and nature reserves aren't really his thing (not that he would never take is if we wanted to on his days off) but now it means me and mum have total freedom to work around that and y poor dad who isn't well either isn't getting dragged out on a rare day off!
I don't live with mum and dad but I live nearby I have a boyfriend I have been with for almost 6 years who developed a few mental health problems over the years and has been on esa for a couple of years now (the wrag group) we used to live together in a town not too far away but We split up and he moved back in with his dad and I moved to the town where my job and mum were (which I was going to do anyway) we got back together shortly after (about three years ago now) but were happier living apart and he's started a training programme the job centre suggested working in Forrest restoration a couple of days a week which Is by where he lives anyway. We are planning on looking into how it would affect our benefits if we did move in together (I get carers income support housing benefit and council tax reduction he gets wrag esa) and I already struggle financially which is the only downside to caring for my mum. I had to get a housemate so I could afford the house and still struggle Ido wander what I would do if he left (he's not a stranger ad I don't think I could love with a stranger)
Hmm what else... Ooo I have a lovely little beagle lab mix he is around 4 I got him from a colleague in my old job a couple of years ago who didn't have the time to look after him. I love him with all my heart he has such character and a dog love is so unconditional, what person would ever be THAT happ to see you when you walk in the door?! Hahaa.

Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you and mum have a lovely relationship.
What a brilliant first post: I feel like I have known you for years already!
Welcome, and have fun here, we share an interest in dogs and enjoying nature, as you will see from the lovely 'birding' threads on this forum when you have the chance to look around.
Here is a gratuitous bird picture to get you into the mood ... a pair of common mallards on my local loch, but so lovely in the winter sunshine... we also see kingfishers, goosander, pochards, tufted ducks and teal, along with many other species.
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Hi and welcome the forum. :)
Hoya sorry for taking so long to reply, I've been very busy! Thank you for all being so welcoming and glad to know there are some people with common interests and look forward to looking at the birding threads! Thank you all again xx