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Newbie saying hi - Carers UK Forum

Newbie saying hi

Tell us a bit about yourself here.

My name is Kelvin and I care for my son, a 10 year old an incorrigible delight Image who has Down's Syndrome.

I often feel close to the edge, as I imagine many carers do… waiting for the straw to break the camel's back. I'm hoping that being on this forum will help me see how others deal with the issues I have to deal with.

At the moment, although it might seem small and petty, my son just will not co-operate with anything… every morning I have to bargain with him to get him to the bathroom and ready for a school… he can be sooo stubborn and it's really quite stressful.


Hi and welcome.Hope you find the Forum useful and fun.I find it a great place to wind down,hope it works for you. Image Image Image
Hi Kelvin,
Welcome Image i say welcome but ive only been on here myself for 2 days and am still finding my way!! Image
I care for my daughter and have done since 2008 when she started with a long term illness so lived on my wits ever since and end up stressed out most days!!
Has been a long and sometimes lonely road but also lots of positives along the way too Image
Hope u have more luck on here finding your way than me.... Image
Good Luck!!
Nicola Image
Hello Kelvin and a warm welcome from frosty Somerset.

Good to have you with us.

Robert Image
Hiya and a warm welcome from me too. Can understand the frustrations, it's all trial and error as what will work best for you and your son.........and what works one day doesn't necessarily work on another day.

Heyyyy Welcome everyone here is so caring , Image hope you find some comfort and help (((hugs)))
welcome to the forum Kelvin - can't offer much in practical support or suggestions as I deal with the other end of the caring spectrum - 88 year old Mum with Alzheimers, although thinking about it co-operation is not her strongest point either !

We have quite a few members with problems similar to yours so I'm sure someone will be along soon with practical solutions Image
hi Kelvin and welcome Image

Welcome to the forums. Can relate there, my 10 yr old has global delay and Autism. We are pretty much in a routine but if the routine changes for any reason he really stuggles to cope.

You will find lots of supportive people here .

Tracey x
Thanks for the welcome everyone.

I'm really looking forward to getting involved.

Take care everyone, and thanks again.