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Hi :) - Carers UK Forum

Hi :)

Tell us a bit about yourself here.

I was advised to join this site after posting on another forum.

I'm not technically caring for anyone as she won't admit there's a problem and refuses any help we try to give her.

We, Me, my step dad and younger brother, are just generally trying to limit the damage done.

My mum was diagnosed as Bipolar back in about January this year and since then things have gone from bad to worse.

Trying to deal with it all is taking a real toll on us all especially as there is no support for us. No one willing to actually do anything to help her.

It has completely made us loose faith in the local mental health system Image

Hi D3lly,
Even if the person you're caring for doesn't admit that there's an issue, even if they're not getting support, you're still completely and totally a carer. If you're providing care for them (and care can take many forms) then you're a carer.
Unfortunately there are many times we slip through the gaps and no help is offered / available / given, but I hope that you will be able to find something useful.

It's not a condition I have much experience with so I can't offer much advice, though I'm sure it's hard if she won't admit there's a problem.
What kind of support are you looking for? It's okay if you don't know or if nobody has even told you what's available.
Thanks Bertie Bear Image

In all honestly I have no idea!

We've never been given any options, we no longer live with her so it's hard to keep tabs on what's happening.

We do know she's put herself into serious financial difficulty but I've posted another thread to help get some advice as to what we can do with that
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Warm Welcome, you are in a good crowd here. Image
Hi D3lly and welcome,

I don't have a lot of experience re mental health, only what I know from what other carers tell me. Have you looked on the MIND website?

As Bertie says, you are a carer. A lot of people on here care for folk who deny that they need caring for. Contacting your local carer's centre would be a good idea too.