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Newbie looking for advice

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Thank you, Denis - lovely to get some positive feedback.
Denis has put another slant on my suggestion, that you buy part of the house now as a reward for doing some work on the house, not giving them money. It means that before they go into a home, you have secured it for your future, no need to buy all of it, just a portion. I've taken extensive legal advice on all this. You do need to go and see a solicitor aware of all the rules of care home charging, not the average high street lawyer.
If one parent is in care, the other stays home, it won't be counted as an asset.
Once you are 60, it won't be counted either IF you are living there.
Under these circumstances, it may be better to move in with them.
Thanks again for all the really helpful advice. I think buying a house near to my parents is probably a good option but it will take time to find somewhere. As for what happens when I reach 60, I'm only in my early fifties so I think it's likely both my parents will have passed by then. In some ways I feel a bit selfish even considering moving in with my parents as my main motivation for doing so would be to help me combat my loneliness. If I didn't have mental health problems I doubt I would be considering it.
Hello again, Stuart. There is nothing selfish about trying to resolve your lonliness problem, especially if you are supporting your parents at the same time.

On a point of slight caution - if you were to "buy" your parents' house or a portion of it, then if in a few years you decided this was not the best arrangement and wanted to move out, your parents might be unwilling or unable to "buy back" the house. Don't get trapped in an unsatisfactory housing situation, as others on this Forum have.

To buy a house near your parents sounds a good arrangement. It would give you the opportunity to visit your parents and enjoy their companionship as often as you liked, but remain in control of present and future situations.