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Newbie - look after husband -Carers UK Forum

Newbie - look after husband

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I'm new to site.... My husband has been diagnosed with aggressive MS for 3 years now. last year had really bad episode that has left him registered severely sight impaired, permanently on wheelchair & acute cognitive problems (short term memory severely affected) to say that our life has changed is an understatement. Image

We are both in our mid 30's & feeling a bit isolated. Trying to remember we're not alone & keep our marriage going but as you must always know some days everything just seems too hard!
Hi Moni and welcome Image

MS is a real bummer, isn't it.
Sorry about previous message being so short. Husband needed help with something! Image I am trying to find some common ground with other carers, locally I ahve found our age to be difficult to provide support for (apparently we dont get sick & if we do then we dont get married!!) Our friends are ok but not much in common now a days.
hi and welcome to the forum Image i am a young carer to my mum
hi moni i care for my wife she has ms she is in hospital at the moment i am no expert i think the best person is nanny pat i will send her a message to see if she will send you message Image Image

Welcome to the forum. I care for my hubby who has lots of different health problems. Hes the oldie at 53 and am 43 still not as young as you though Image

Everyone on the site has things in common even if are carees and our situations are different. Welcome aboard
Hi Moni

I am so sorry that your husband has MS and at such a young age. You have come to the right place on this forum for support. There is always someone here that will help you in anyway they can and give you a hug. I don't know what I would have done without them some days.

Do you have any family that can help you?

Please keep posting even if it is just to vent your feelings, you will know somebody is listening and caring for you, as well as your husband.


NannyPat xx
Hi Moni and welcome to the forum,
I care for my partner (we didn't get to the marriage bit Image ) I'm very late 30s and partner is mid 40s. I know what you mean about finding someone in the same age range but since coming on this site I think it doesn't matter what your age is we all experience the same feelings - fortunately at different times so we can hold each other up Image However, there are people on this site that are the same age as you...... and younger and older - so welcome to the family Image Image Image
Thank you all for messages & hugs!!! Image Feeling a bit better today, will defo continue using forum. As mentioned in your messages, it really doesn't matter our age, the feelings of guilt,love, anger (at situation!) & even laughter shared with those we care for are pretty much the same.

It does feel good no to be alone with these feelings!
Hi Moni,
I'm a newbie too, in fact today!! I'm sorry to hear about your husband and what life has dealt for you. I'm in my 30's and have had to care for my disabled husband (who's only 40)for the past year now.. Things first of all were not too bad but his health detioration has seem to had a domino effect and gone from bad to worse and on top of spinal, pelvis, femur, muscle and nerve damage he has now been referred to Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge for liver and spleen problems.
I truly understand the feeling of being alone, lost, angry and at wits end. Image
After reading your post and the replies you have received it has given me hope that we are not alone in all of this.

I truly hope your life has improved slightly and wish you all the best..
Regards J x