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new to this - Carers UK Forum

new to this

Tell us a bit about yourself here.

Help I dont know where to begin

You have begun! If you mean your situation is so complicated you don't know how to describe it, lots of people here started feeling like that, so we will understand if you just get something down.
Who are you caring for? What kind of difficulties do they have? Are you getting any help from family or through Social Services? you don't have to answer any of those questions if you don't want to - just imagine you are 'talking' to people who might have some similar experiences.
Hello Teresa and welcome to the forum Image
Help I dont know where to begin
As Julie Andrews sang in the Sound of Music "Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start."
Just tell us as much or as little about your situation as you want to Image

There is a guide for new members which might help too, just with understanding the forum, Internet safety advice, rules etc.

Welcome to the forum. A mixed bunch of folk who provide care, in all manner of circumstances. And ..... I expect some more will pop in and welcome you.

respond in your own time. join in anywhere. Image
Hi Teresa, and welcome. Image
Best thing I ever did was to join this forum, and I'd never joined one before so had no idea what it was all about, or what I was letting myself in for. I almost didn't bother, but I'm glad I did. It saved my sanity, and I've had loads of good advice too about all sorts of things.
I was very isolated before I joined as mum's dementia and poor mobility meant I couldn't get out much. Plus I was a newbee carer and a bit clueless, to put it mildly. This lot on the forum have helped me so much, both with practical advice and emotional support. Sometimes just being able to have a whinge Image or rant Image knowing that somebody, somewhere out there knows what you're going on about is the best thing of all for one's sanity.
I hope you find the forum as useful as I have.
Hello and welcome Image
This has made me cry never felt so low
Mum to 4 kids well 2 under 5s and one 18 year old boy and my 20 yr old severly disabled dauhgter who has ld and autism visually impaiered epelipsy chromsndisease xerbalmpalsy foot deformity and challenging behaviours and me I work full time her dad nornon the scene but my hubby helps but feel lonely constantly and tired and cry lots
Hi Teresa, I'm not surprised you are tired and crying all the time, that's simply too much for anyone to deal with long term without any support. I have a son with LD, hyperactive, aged 34. My health collapsed when he was about 16 years old. Ever since, he has lived part time away from me, first at boarding school, then a residential college, a residential home, and now he lives in a flat. What help, if any, are you getting for your daughter?
Sounds selfish we do have carers but it so intrusive in the home first thing and know we lucky but it doesntnfeel like it cant relax in home at all and it so sad when 3 yr old says what carers today mummy