Newbie Dealing with socal service as a carer

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Hi I am new here, my names David and I have been caRing for my husband for 17 years his health and disables have gradually worsened over the years we are both in our mid forties and my husband who I care for was a social worker up 18 months ago and we lived in Cheshire where as a carer I got support in my own right
Now moved to another county and it's like chalk and cheese you would not think that carers right existed in staffordshire. In Cheshire we got help with house work and the garden this allowed me to remain in full time work and keep on top of things basically we got 3.5 hour week dp to pay for cleaner and gardener.
We moved to Staffordshire and we were told that carer support was not given in the former of direct payments and would not have support for domestic help
My partner became very annoyed at this and started quoting the carers rights at them as he dealt with this day in day out the social worker said it was the policy of the joint health and socal care provider for Staffordshire not to support carers in this way.
My partner wants nothing more to do with them and want to move back to Cheshire. But moving house at this time is not easy. We have tried speaking to the Senior managers but it's a waste of time my partner has become disheartened at the socal workers attitude at first they where note even going to assess I still not had a carers assessment however my partner keeps saying we can safe assess under the union social care act is this right.
Do other people find social services so difficult to deal with
Hi David and welcome,

Welcome to the forum, I hope you find it supportive and friendly.

In a nutshell YES a lot of us do find social services difficult to deal with.

I think Cheshire's level and type of support is pretty unique.

Yes, at the moment I'm having a running battle with my LA who have drastically changed the care package for my son with severe learning difficulties who lives in "supported" living.
Can I ask what is the nature of your partner's disability?
Has he had a new formal Needs Assessment written by the new authority, have you both seen it, agreed it is correct and accurate? The Local Government Ombudsman has said assessments should be done within 6 weeks.
This isn't a helpful comment, apologies, but I guess your case shows why all in receipt of any kind of 'caring support' has to check out the services (and attitude!) of any place they plan to move to, before they move.

I hate to say this, but the fact your partner is a former social worker himself is probably making him very unpopular as he knows the rules etc. I bet the people you are dealing with hate him for that!!!