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Hi everyone. - Carers UK Forum

Hi everyone.

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi everyone, I'm Helen and today is my first day on here.
I logged on at lunchtime to find out what, if any support there might be in my area. I care for my husband who has been ill now for just over a year. Due to a pre existing liver condition and after an episode of ecoli that went undiagnosed for 4 months he has been in and out of hospital since October last year.
It's been a year of many ups and downs and up untill this morning I thought we might be over the worst of things. Unfortunatley he woke up this morning with a really bad bout of confusion which is brought on by the encepholopathy he suffers with.
I work full time and though my boss is flexable with me I'm due to have an operation in 2 weeks so taking time out at the moment is difficult. Luckily one of my step sons was planning on visiting this afternoon anyway and was able to come over and take care of my husband for the day. I don't know what I would have done otherwise.
I realise my experience is not as difficult or prolonged as other carers out there but I would really appreciate any support or suggestions anyone can give me.
thanks x
Hi Helen and welcome to the forum Image
Hi Helen welcome from me too!!!!! Image
Thank you for the warm welcome! I hope you're both ok?
Hi Helen,
Welcome to the forum, there are lots of great people on here to offer advice, get things off your chest with, and best of all, have a giggle with.
I haven't been on here long, but have have found everyone to be really friendly
Welcome Helen,
Glad to have you here. What you're dealing with doesn't sound easy. I hope you can find the support you need here. Don't be shy, just jump in as and when you want.
Welcome helen good to know you Image Image
Welcome to the forum Helen. When you have time take a look at these links


also this one

These cover some of the practical things like getting assessments for you both from social services, should you decide that is a path you want to try.

Also info about juggling work and caring too.

Hiya and a warm welcome from me too.