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newbie - caring for terminally ill husband - cancer - Carers UK Forum

newbie - caring for terminally ill husband - cancer

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I am new to the Carers Forum. I am caring for my husband who was diagnosed with cancer - primary lung, secondary bone and liver - in July this year. He is very unwell and we are not sure how long he has left but we are making the most of every day when we can. At the moment he is sleeping a lot.
A lot of the time I am exhausted - I am used to having a busy professional life but this is so different.
It is lonely, scary and sometimes I just don't know what to do with myself.
Am sure you have all heard this so many times but it is so good to be able to say these things without being judged - being a carer has it's rewards but it has it's challenges too.
Thank you for listening x :cry

Welcome to the site.

Im sorry to here about your Husband..(( hug )).

Lots of friendly supportive poeple here, you wont be alone no more,
Keep posting, it really does help .

Tracey x
Hiya and a warm welcome to the forum. You are among friends on here who understand.

hi my dear a big warm welcome glad you're joined also you will make some wonderful freinds and recieve some good advice
have you also contacted Cancer Research UK: the UK's leading cancer charity : Cancer ...
http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/ for some help? take care coffeex
Welcome, to the forum.
Lonely and scary , yes a lot of people here, relate to that.
you are in a good bunch of people here.
Minnie (((hugs)))
Hi and welcome, lots of friendly people on here who understand.
Thank you everyone for your warm words of welcome - much appreciated Love H xxx Image Image
You have some place to come now to hopefully take away some of the isolation. So many here will relate to what you said.

x x
just joined myself welcome fellow newbie Image
Hi xstitchgirl

I am carer for someone else. However a person who was/is very important to me died of lung cancer earlier this year. The cancer had gone other places too. I can not say enough to recommend a Hospice. It was the Marie Curie here. Not only did they take very good care of this person they have also done amazing things for all the rest of us. They even had a little meal for him a few months ago at the hospice.

I know you probably dont want to think to far into the future but I wanted to let you know about how good these people have been. I have had other situations but never ever had the comforting presence of the hospice before during and after. I hope I have not offended you.

Little Lamb