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Newbie: caring for my wife and daughter - Carers UK Forum

Newbie: caring for my wife and daughter

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi I've just joined.
I care for my wife and daughter.
I live in Surrey but work in Essex - fortunately I can work from home on many days.

I became very ill when I first started 'caring' for my wife because I couldn't find any support, and it was years before I realised I was a 'carer'. I've just become one of Carer UK's 10 Carer Ambassadors because I want to make sure that the same thing doesn't happen to others. You can find the job description on the Carers UK website, but one of the main aims is to identify more carers at an early stage.
Hi Chris and welcome Image
Well done you for becoming an ambassador! Image
Hello Chris and I'm pleased you found your way to the Forum Image

Was interested in what you said about your Ambassador role though I'm not looking to take on more stuff right now. I long for a simpler life..... I agree about the need to recognise yourself as a Carer sooner rather than later. Some might wonder if that would make any difference of course.

All good wishes,

Hi and welcome.Think there are probably more people out there who don`t know they are carers than there are aware carers.A lot of us find the care role creeping up on us and changing our lives bit by bit,and for many,the first time they appreciate the situation is when they are suffering with stress.Well done. Image Image
Hi Chris and welcome! Image

Even just here on the forum there are so many issues highlighted that could be eased by identifying oneself as a carer early on and also, if there was a straightforward way of registering as a carer with surgeries and easy access to appropriate information.

Michael's post highlights one of the issues, I think.. that many of us are just doing what comes naturally and looking after our loved ones and the caring role just creeps up without any real chance to realise the impact it is making on our lives.

Hopefully, the Carer Ambassador/GP Champion project can begin, at least, to address these issues. Everything has to start somewhere Image
Well done, we need lots more carers like you willing to get stuck in. It does make a difference, it really does, though it might not feel like that at the time. Image Image