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Hi i'm a newbie and have been a full time carer to my husband for the last two years < He is a type 1 diabetic insulin dependant , following a slip he broke his heel bone after complications they could not fix it and he had a below the knee amputation, if that was not traumatic enough he had many several complications and ended up on icu for 2 weeks. his sight then deteriated and he as now been registered blind. Are lives have changed dramatically from us both working ft to having to give up work. I have found it hard to adjust to becoming the protector as we have three children also at home who it has affected as well. But as we all know us women are strong and get on with it . I know there are worse people off and I try to stay positive and take one day at a time and live it to the full. Image
Hello and Welcome Jaime Image

Hello everyone Image Not good on these forums sites just looking through to work it all out lol will give it a go tho x
Hi jamie and welcome
Do have a good look round and get the feel of it all
Try clicking on Board index above your user control panel tab. This will bring up all the different sections. Click on one of them and you will be able to see all the threads in that section. Click on a thread that sounds interesting and you will be able to read the posts.
Hi and welcome, you'll soon get the hang of things Image
Hello and welcome
Welcome to the forum. Are you getting enough help? So much has happened to you, I hope that this year things settle down a bit more.
welcome to the forum.
Does your husband have support from the Visual Impairment team at Social Services?My husband(Type 1 Diabetic)lost his sight suddenly when our children were 12,10 and 7 years old.I hate driving and that was THE biggest hurdle for me to overcome,driving to fun places as a family.
We had good support from Social Services to start with. I had a Carers Assessment,and my husband was assessed for his needs. You may find that there is a Young Carers Group locally which will give you children some support and a lot of fun and often lifetime friends.
The biggest thing I found when my husband's sight went,was that nobody asked me or the children how we felt.Everyone felt sorry for him,but nobody thought about the things we missed out on together and as a family, a walk along the beach hand in hand,looking up at the night sky together etc.The first thing my daughter(aged 7) said when she realised that her Dad could not see any more was,"but how will he walk me into church when I get married,and how will he feel when he can't see my wedding dress?"You have had several major blows to your husband's health and it has changed your lives and your outlook on the world forever.I hope that you feel the forum is for you, plenty of new friends for you here.xx
Hi Jamie and welcome,

sounds like you, your children and your hubby have a lot of life changes to cope with.

Hope you enjoy the forum,

Thanks to everyone for there kind words a lot has happened in such a short space of time we went from living a "normal" life working,holidays etc to now being home nearly 24/7 and each other for company . We haven't really had much time to come to terms really with what has happened as a lot is still on going appointments consultants treatments etc... I feel that Garry losing his sight has been the hardest thing for us all I like you was a driver not the main driver which now I am, sometimes i find it hard esp if not sure where i'm going or larger cities are a bit scary, but I invested in a sat nav cause Garry no longer is my sat nav . It hits me hard when I know that he can no longer see the children properly or me. I have not received much help from the visually impaired clinic only had one home visit to give him some magnifiers and a white stick and not heard off them since. I have been looking around lately for a group in our area for Garry and myself to attend so we can hear how other people cope and tips on certain things . We currently attend the prosthesis clinic and receive some councilling there which has been helpful. Diabetes is a horrible cruel disease and not really thought of when told someone has diabetes its often just shrugged off as tho you have just said you have a cold people do not understand the complications and problems it can cause it has a lot to answer for. We have are good and bad days and it nice to hear that your not on your own which as a carer you often do < LazyDaisy .. has your hubby any other complications and did they do all the could to save some sight or try to give him some back.. I only ask cause Garry is going for the gel removing on the 4/2/2013 to see if this will restore enough sight to help him with his mobility xx