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travel insurance for cancer patients

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hi i was wondering if anybody new were i could get travel insurance for my mum who has cancer and my aunt who has heart stents so far we've tried various places but noone will insure them due to their health. they are both in need of a holiday n want to go to spain for a weeks break as my mum has finished with her chemo. if any body cld advice me on were to go for travel insurance i wld much appreciate it. thank you.
Hello Delia !

Sorry but I cannot advise. I know just being of a certain age is bad enough when looking for insurance cover without having medical conditions too. So sorry I can't help with this query. But I wanted to say hello just in case you felt ignored. Nobody gets ignored here. Sometimes the silence just means people are having a good think... . Image

Warmest good wishes to you, and I do hope they get their holiday soon !

Afraid I've no idea at all either, but welcome Image
Hi and welcome, try American Express travel insurance, you will need to explain there current illnesses, and they will not cover those, but will cover anything else. they are the only ones who would cover my daughter. Hope this helps.
Yes, if they are fairly well, and simply dont like Sunny Wales or Clotted Cornwall, then why not just take a walk on the wild side and dont bother with travel insurance? It isn't compulsory.
After all, if you are in a jam and need health care in Spain, the free European Health Card http://www.renewehic.org/?gclid=CJHB9_y ... tAodlxKumg
will cover all medical procedures under the NHS, and apart from that all you really get for your insurance money is emergency transport back to the UK, that kind of thing, stuff that is very, very unlikely to ever be needed. Actually it is perfectly possible to get a couple of friends to drive to Spain and back in shifts and DIY a medivac in a real jam assuming a scheduled airline wont take you. It isnt far if you can share the driving. Pay my petrol and I'll be up for it just for a laugh.
Hi Delia and welcome to the forum

Have a look on the Age UK website - they have a section on Travel Insurance which is very comprehensive.

The last time I took Mum away we used M&S's own travel insurance. She was covered for all the usual - baggage, cancellation etc. On the health side we opted not to cover her for pre-existing medical conditions, as the premium was prohibitive (more than the cost of the holiday !) - but she was still covered for health issues not related to her existing conditions (i.e. if she had fallen and broken a hip she would have been covered).