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Newbie: caring for my carer - Carers UK Forum

Newbie: caring for my carer

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello, I'm Eddie, I am disabled due to various diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, heart and peripheral artery and colon disease. I have joined in the hope that I can get help and advice with regard to my carer: my 16 year old son. I cared for my Mother about 30 years ago and would also like to use my experience to help others.
Hello Eddie and a very warm welcome to the Forum Image Great to have you with us.

Do you get help from others as well as your son ? Does he cope pretty well ?

Warmest good wishes to you both.

Hello and welcome.Hope you find Carers UK and the Forum useful and fun.The Carers UK helplines and advice section seem to be able to answer most questions. Image Image Image
My son with some support from his mum is my main carer Robert. My son has never been asked anything by any professional person or body let alone given help and support. He is very strong willed and independent. I don't know what help he can get either because no one who has knowledge of my circumstances seem to care, with exception of my doctor.
Thanks for satisfying my curiosity, Eddie ! Sounds like you have a good son there. I know there are local groups around the country especially for young carers who can sometimes feel very isolated and feel that their peers do not understand what it is like being a carer. I know many young carers find these groups a real life saver. And people who get involved in these groups get to know about other local help thats available. Oh and group members get involved in trips and lots of fun stuff too !

The Carers UK Advice Line should be able to put you, or you son, in touch with any local Carers groups / Young Carers Groups, Tel 0808-808-7777, or you can find local resources via "Finding Help Where You Live" on the left of the Carers UK Homepage.

All the best,

Hi Eddie and welcome Image
Hi Edward and a warm welcome to the forum.