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Newbie battling for support - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Newbie battling for support

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I'm no good at doing links, but I've just written about my own experiences with Amitryptilene on a thread Chris has started.

If you go to Quick Links next to the carers uk logo, and click on "New Posts" you should find it.
A link it shall be ...

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... tons-34561
Antidepressants : Watch Out For Those Withdrawal Symptons !

If it is to be Prozac , make sure you read the label ... for human consumption , and not pets ?
Sorry, I should have said anti-depressants, not tranqs. Functioning on minimal sleep at the moment.

I'm on Sertraline - supposedly a serotonin booster - I've had similar before, when my depression kicks in. The customary leaflet is - I jest not - 2 feet long, double sided and in exceedingly small print. But the mere mention of anti-depressants seems (fingers crossed) to have worked the trick. Not holding my breath, though...
A placebo ?

Strange ... just how often they work ?
If they do the trick with getting help, that's okay by me!

A friend of mine has a wife suffering from dementia, who keeps demanding painkillers: if he gave her as many as she wants, she's be seriously OD'd. She can be vicious if she doesn't get her own way, so he's started giving her Tic-Tacs, which seem to do the trick.
Regarding weeping skin, I 've seen several patients in hospital with weeping skin, and I suspect other conditions. I would think that this sort of condition is one that a district nurse, as directed by the gp, ought to monitor - my own view, not trained in medicine/nursing.
I've raised Holy Cain with the surgery who assure me that the referral has been made to the District Nurse.

The physio/OH have been (I thought they were part of Social Services, but they're not) - they are going to order a hospital bed. hoist and swing and a commode, *and then provide a care team for 7 days to help and train me in using the hoist, etc. But before they can do that, we need to have a care package in place from "The Social" (as it used be known round here) to come in immediately those seven days are up.

*and heaven knows how that's all going to fit in,,,,
Good. Now they can nag Social Services too! They must have a Rapid Response Team, I don't see why it hasn't been started by now. Usually they come in to start with for a few days, then assess and make longer term arrangements if necessary.
Social Worker has just phoned: do I still want a care package putting in place?

I was a good girl and didn't rail at her. Earliest she can come is Monday morning.

What really bugs me is that it's not just me who has to jump through hoops. Reading through the forum, it's the default position.
Ring Complaints at head office and say that's not good enough.

You need help NOW or dad will have to go into hospital, as you just can't cope any more on your own.

Ask them specifically to arrange their Rapid Response Team or they might call it the Reablement Team.