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Newbie and need advice please - Carers UK Forum

Newbie and need advice please

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I have never posted before but sometimes read the posts as I find that reading what some of you guys go through makes me feels much better about my own situation there are some incredible people out there. I need some advice please. My Mum is 92 in very poor health and go only get out of bed with support from a carer/family member, usually to just take a few steps to use the commode and back. on a good day she may sit in he chair for a while if someone is with her. She had a care package with social services( she lives in a council bungalow and has very little savings ) four times a day for a total of two hours.
She also has a lady who comes in and helps with housework/shopping and mum pays her privately and i fill in the gaps of which there seem to be many. Long story short we were becoming concerned about the period overnight when she was on her own, she would often phone me in the middle of the night because she wasn't comfortable or something else had happened and I would go over ( 10 minute drive ) . After a small medical episode overnight her GP and us as a family pushed to get her a nursing home place, mum was very reluctant but agreed to give it a try. We promised her that if she was unhappy we would bring her home. My understanding was that although a permanent placement it was for a trial period. We visited the home and it seemed nice, they came out to see mum and in their assessment covered the dos and donts, one of which was that she must not be put in a hoist because she has a very fragile hip replacement. At first it seemed great and then i caught them trying to hoist her, mum has also told me that they had tried on another occasion and she stopped them. When i asked about this they told me that on hand over she had been mixed up with another patient. She also lost 2 pounds in two weeks because the food they were giving her was unsuitable for her( she can only manage a soft diet and I was told this would be dealt with) . I also dont think she was being washed properly. We had family discussion and it was decided to take her home as she had told us she was miserable, if we had been confident in the level of care we would have tried for longer. The social worker offered to have a meeting with the manager, but we had lost all confidence and she was starting to look quite ill. Im sorry i have gone on and on but the thing is now they say they have closed her care package and they say it could be weeks before they can sort something out. Myself and my sister are managing at the moment. If we had know that the care package would vanish that quickly i dont think we would have gone ahead. When i spoke to the social worker he said well it was what you wanted and there almost seemed to be an element of revenge for the fuss i have made in the past. So sorry for going on I guess the point is can they do this?, do we have any rights?. Thank you lots of love and hugs to all.
Hi Lorraine
It does sound as though Social Services are using what has happened as an excuse to stop funding care. I would have thought if your mum was eligible for care to be funded through Social Services (savings below £23K) then they still have a duty of care to provide care. You could try throwing the word "safguarding" into your complaints and see if that produces more results. If your mum was having funded care following a period of rehabilitation following hospital admission then it may be that the care package has finished and you will need to find an alternative plan.
Have you asked for the SALT team to re assess your mum if her eating has declined?
Hi Henrietta,

Thank you for your reply, the social worker mumbled something about her being assessed by the salts team but didn't say any more so i will chase that. It was a long standing care package that she had that has grown over the last ten years or so. She has less than 23k in savings. You are right I think they have found the excuse they needed to end her care package, all they seem to keep telling me is that there is a care crisis which of course i appreciate and i know there are people in far worse situations. Its such a battle isnt it?, the worrying thing is we were told that was a good care home we had the choice of leaving her there and living with the consequences or bringing her home and coping. I do think we have done the right thing though. Thank you again it really does help to share with people that understand.
There is no justification in failing to provide the care she has been assessed as needing. Make an immediate formal complaint to the Director of Social Services at HQ, not the local office.
Remember to hammer home to SS that you didn't take your mum out 'wilfully' of a GOOD care home ....you took her out of NECESSITY from a BAD care home - ie, one that was NOT looking after her properly.

You took her out for valid safeguarding issues - eg, they were trying to lift her dangerously with a hoist ignoring the medical prohibition of that because of her frail hip.

It's totally irrelevant that there is a funding crisis. This is NOT your problem. It is the SS/DWP problem of insufficient funding for the care needs of the population. The government chooses what to spend our taxpayer money on , an it's choosing NOT to spend it on social care.

SS failed to find a good, safe care home for her. Now they must provide home care instead.
Thank you so much for your replies and for summing it up for me you are so right I need to complain and tell them they are failing in their duty of care. They wear you down dont they?, i was started to think maybe we just had high standards!,as they made me feel i was just making a fuss but it is outrageous that they tried to hoist her once let alone twice and as for mixing her up with another patient and failing to feed her properly and maintain basic personal hygiene !.

Thank you I have renewed fire in my belly for battle with them. Can i just ask how other people cope overnight?, at the moment we are staying with her until she is settled down again but when ( hopefully ) the carers are back she will have a period overnight on her own. She wears pads, has the sides up on the bed and has a careline pendant. Is this the norm for a lot of people now? sorry you sort of loose sight of what is acceptable.