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i am new to forum - Carers UK Forum

i am new to forum

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
HI there- I too am a newie on here. I care for my gran who lives with us and has mixed dementia. I also work as a care worker when my daughter can have my gran for the shifts or i fit it in when my husband home from work. last week i fell when decorating and ended up at a&e with suspected break in the hand. have had it splinted and limping from hurting my heel too. I returned to the hospital early yesterday for an appointment for re x ray on hand. I had to leave because I could wait no longer or my gran would wake up and no one there. So I left the hospital unseen and felt very isolated and lonely... for the reason that I couldn't sort my own health out when needed or call anyone to step in for me at the last minute :( and the hospital couldn't offer me a later one when I could have my gran up and with me. They didnt understand my needs and responsibility.
Hi Christina and welcome to the forum. I hope you don't mind but I have highlighted your post to our moderators, I'm slightly concerned that as it on the end of Pat's intro, it might get missed.

You will find understanding and support here, you sound like you have an awful lot on your plate and I should imagine you are feeling the strain. Have you got any help with your caring at all? It might be worthwhile considering a Carers Assessment from Social services if you haven't got one already, it gets you "in the system" so to speak. There is information about that on the main homepage if you would like to know more
But if you're not up to thinking about that then we're here for you to offload/rant/empathise/chat, feel free to post about whatever you want. :)
Hi Christina, I live in Hampshire, where there is a scheme to provide emergency care in exactly the situation you found yourself in. It's organised through Social Services. Would Gran manage to use a lifeline? You sound as if you are working an awful lot. Make sure Gran is receiving all the benefits she is entitled too, which can then be used to help the family meet her needs.
Welcome Christina,

I know what you mean, I had to miss medical appointments when my son was younger because the hospital was running late and he couldn't cope with waiting any more, or because they were quite 'private' things that I couldn't take him to but equally didn't have anyone else to look after him.

Does your GP know about your situation and if not, could you go and see him/her and explain it? Make sure you use the word 'carer', I've found saying I look after somone doesn't click with some people, if they have a scheme in place for 'carers' they might not twig that's what you're doing if that isn't the word you use (silly, I know!). But your GP ought to be able to rearrange the appointment for you, or arrange for it at the surgery or a more local hospital if that's an easier option (or one that's possible).

I hope you're feeling a bit better, I imagine it's very painful?
Hi and a warm welcome to the forum. Have you managed to get anything sorted yet, never easy when you have to be back for a certain time, I myself had similar problems with my Nan and having to be back home from appts etc to pick up my son from school. x x