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new member introduction - Carers UK Forum

new member introduction

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I just thought I would introduce myself. I am a disabled carer of my husband who has mental health problems. I am also a carer for my father who has Dementia, Parkinsons, Epilepsy, and macular degeneration, my mum who has a crumbling spine, and my Grandmother and her husband who have vascular dementia and Alzeimers respectively. It is really hard for me as I am disabled myself. It is nice to know there is suport out there, because I feel very much on my own, even though my husband supports me when he can. He is my carer, but it is very very very hard. There we go, just thought I would say hello
Hi Kate, at one time I was supporting five different people all entitled to highest DLA, it's really, really tough. I'm concerned that you don't mention that any of your carees get some help. My mum is 86, also with a crumbling spine, initially diagnosed with severe osteo arthritis, then osteoporosis, then hyperostosis, which is apparently fairly rare. Sadly, about 2 years ago she lost control of her bladder, because of the way the spine was affecting her, and subsequently she's had lots of trouble with UTI's. For years, we struggled to find her a comfy chair, but now she has a recliner with three cushions across the back, and the stuffing can be removed. So the top and bottom of her spine are supported whilst the middle cushion is empty, to accommodate the curvature of her spine. It's also a Rise and Recline chair, now she can sit comfortably in it all day long.
Wow! that's really tough Kate Image
Welcome to the forum Image
Hi it must be really hard for you just wantes to say wellcome, hope things work out for you as you have a lot to cope with .