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Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I know the feeling poorec, it's age and lack of confidence that's stopping me trying again.
I think the confidence thing has to do with my Graves disease I was diagnosed with in 2008, it caused you you to try and think through mud as well as other side effects, sometimes I feel I need blooming caring meself.
I've lost a lot of confidence. Maybe we should set a few little achievable goals to confidence build.
Hi Poorec , Like you i took driving lessons at least 18 years ago when kids were young . I also failed the test a good few times and gave up altogether . My youngest daughter has been taking lessons recently with a great instructor. Upshot is , last week the day before my 53rd birthday, i was behind the wheel again. Really good instructor , put me at ease quickly and tomorrow out for next lesson Image Think i have just thought to myself "why not" and i am going for it . Don't know how long it will take me but going to give it a good try. Liz
welcome back, Jill....I'm quickly calling in and just read your update. It sounds as if you have a lot of 'sorting' out to do! Not to mention the financial side of it!
Just had to edit as I didn't read the newer posts (tut, trust me!)
Hi poorec. Like you most of us have fallen into caring. There is a whole lot of form filling , appointment meeting and beaurocracy to wade through. The other members are fab. They pick you up when you're on the floor, make you laugh when you think you will never laugh again, and are really good with virtual hugs (((((()))))). Look forward to seeing more of your posts .
Well folks officially left work yesterday, but still paid up until the end of August when the school holidays end, it was very upsetting, the young people had bought me loads of prezzies and cards and made a banner saying " SORRY YOU ARE LEAVING US JILL"
Dad found out his AA was only back dated to when they got his form and not when he came out of hospital in May, he rang them up to check if this was correct, and they said it was and they review him him in 6 months time anyway to see if he is still in need of the same support.
I'm dreading having to fill my form in come November when I have a low wage slips for them, I get Child Tax Credit and this will probably increase with loosing my day job, I have a feeling this will effect my claim for carers. if this happens I'll be up poo creek with out a paddle.
Jill x
Jill, Child Tax Credits won't affect Carers Allowance at all.
Thanks for that information, that has esaed my mind, I don't get much child tax credit anyway so I thought about not informing them that my wages had dropped in case it stopped my claim for CA
Jill x