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newbie - Carers UK Forum


Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi all, I'm a Gatehead lass
just found you, I may end up being a carer for my dad, he's 81, he was fine until 4 months ago, I found him collapsed in the loo, he's been trapped for 15 hours, he's been in hospital for 4 months and will be coming home on Monday.
I'm faced with issues I've never had to deal with before, it's all so confusing and upsetting.
Before the accident he was ok, now his kidneys aren't great, he will be on oxygen 16 hours a day, his mobility is poor, we have to get a stair lift fitted. They have put a care plan together for him.
He's asked me if I could be his carer, I haven't got a clue where to start so I'm pleased I've found CUK
Hi Poorec,

I presume that's 'Gateshead' Image

You've made a great first step - coming here - may I 'formally' welcome you on behalf of all - they will crawl out of the woodwork as time permits and offer a wealth of fantastic support. Rest assured, your worries will be diminished Image

The more you can tell us the specifics, the more we'll understand and be able to guide - with the experts from carers uk throwing their £2 in.

Hi Poorec,

I am just down the road from you Image .Like Mike says welcome to the forum and I am sure other members will be along soon to greet you too.

In the meantime take a look at this link. Once you have read that page, use the menu on left had side of it to look at all the other information available. Ask any questions and we will try help as best we can , ot point you in the right direction.

You also have a carers group in Gateshead.

Gateshead PRT Carers Centre
11 Regent Terrace
Tyne & Wear

Tel: 0191 490 0121

Email: gcarers@btconnect.com

Hope of some help to you for now

Thankyou everyone for your swift replies, that link was a geat help rosemary. I'll start taking a good look round and hope no one minds if I have to ask lots of questions, just hope I post them in the right place Image
Welcome to the forum Poorec Image

'Fraid you have a steep learning curve ahead of you, but we'll help you every step of the way Image

Hi susieq
I'm beging to realize I'm in for a steep learning curve. I get child tax credit and child benefit for my son who is 18 years old and is currently in 6th form at school, I was wondering if this would effect any carers allowance if I was to recieve it.

I currently work with young people excluded from school for behavour issues, not an easy job, I'm paid pro rata so I'm paid for school holidays.
Dad is going to have a team to work with him for 6 weeks to help him towards independance, I was going to leave my job at the end of the 6 weeks school summer holidays to care for dad.

They discovered dad had a blockage in his aorta while he was in hospital but dad was to ill for them to operate on him.
They said they need to try and rehabilitate him and get him stronger before they operate on this other health issue so we have more hospitalization ahead of us at a different hospital.
I'm sure they are other carers out there who are like me where the responsibility of their parent just falls on them alone as other family members don't want to know.
I have to have a meeting with my boss and explain I may have to leave work to allow them enough time to get someone for my job in time for September new intake of students.
There's so much to think about.
Dad has COPD and I know this dosen't get better so levels of care can change with deteriation, I'm worried about starting to care and I get out of my depth with dealing with the care needed.
Hi Poorec

Sorry, but I can't answer your question about benefits as I just don't have enough knowledge (being retired and in receipt of state pension I don't qualify for CA) -but I know a 'man who can' Image

Try ringing the CUK Advice Line - details here: http://www.carersuk.org/Contactus - they should be able to give you the advice you need. You could also contact your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau as they will have people who can advise you on what benefits you and your Father are eligible for.

I hope you can get things sorted out with your employer (my Nephew-in-Law does the same work as you !) and that things go well with the Ablement Team - we had them when my Mum came out of hospital last year and they were great; we only had them come in the morning to help me get Mum up, washed and dressed but it make a big difference to my day.

Poorec - couldn't leave you in limbo knowing no-one's responded yet!

Moaning is very welcome Image and we're forgiving if posts go in the wrong place - well most of us are - not the moderators - they move them Image I think they think 'hide and seek' is good for us.


May we should have a special section for HEATED debates Image

Hi Mike

I started a Moan & Groan thread many years ago it went on for a long time people put there Moans a groans on it.

It helped some to get thing's off there chest's and they could see others were having the same problems as there self's.

Sorry gone off thread a bit Welcome to Poorec hope you continue to post as the others have said we will help where ever we can.

Don't take notice of Mike we moderators only move post's to keep Mike on his toes but joking apart if we can help we will always do so.

welcome Poorec - joining this forum is the best thing you can do as a carer - so much more helpful than the 'professionals' who are supposed to help Image Image