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Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Image Hi there everyone. First my name describes both my size & my heart but at the moment it`s all taking a pounding.
My wife has mild cerebal palsy which has caused many problems plus she has depression anxiety.
She is the most wonderful person I`ve ever known & even after ten yearsI bless the day we met.
However, the depression causes her to sleep all the time & when she`s awake to worry about the same things over & over again. At this time she is on a real downer because our cat has gone missing, it looks like the cat has been killed & my wife has had her for more than fourteen years.
To go through the same problems time & time again plus to see her in pain with her back & legs infact most of her body.
It feels good to just have a b----y good moan.
Drugs aplenty for her to take & to worry about because there is a history of overdose & suicidal thoughts.
Some days are hell, some weeks are hell but I keep going for those times when my darling wonderful loving wife has a good day & we forget most of the problems we have.
life is good but you have to wait.
Hi hugebloke and welcome.

Sorry to hear about your cat. There are plenty of us on here with pets, and will understand your fears for your cat. x
Welcome to the forum Hugebloke - our regular guys need some more back up to cope with all us women !!

Bl--dy good moans are welcome; along with ranting and raving - oh yes, and sometimes we laugh (well quite a lot of laughing actually). Great bunch of people to support you and give advice if you want it.

Sorry to hear about your cat - I'd be lost without mine, he keeps me sane - I call him my Stress Buster ! Did you see today's Daily Express, apparantly a lot of cats have gone missing in a place called Newton Flotman, Norfolk.
Hello and welcome Image
I have 2 geriatric cats and would be lost without them, sorry to hear about yours.
Hi Hugebloke,

Welcome to the forum,

Karen xx
Thats great guys, I really appreciate the replies.
I didn`t think I would get much benefit from this but I`m pleasently surprised.
prepare for more rants & moans in the future as I`ve been told I am very good at it.
Will bllog again soon thanks again everyone.
That's what we're here for. Always happy to listen, we all need an outlet for our frustration.

Karen xx
Welcome to the forum Image
Hi, comforting to hear that there are people out there who find the negativity and worrying side of depression / anxiety difficult.
Hi Hugebloke and welcome to the forum

Loads of lovely people to help and support you on here and the only real place to have a proper moan and not feel bad about it as we all understand how you feel Image