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just joined carersUK Wales - Carers UK Forum

just joined carersUK Wales

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi, It seems very complicated to navigate-
Can you tell me the simplest way to access and post into the carers forum- I'm caring
for an old friend who had a severe stroke a year ago
Hi Liz ... welcome to the canteen.

Best place to start ?

FAQ ... next to QUICK LINKS ... an Internet version of a stat nav ... at the top of the page.

A gold mine of information ... how to do what on this late 20th. century style forum !
Hi Liz and welcome :D

I suggest you access the forum by bookmarking the main Index page - so

1) Go to the Carers UK main website - https://www.carersuk.org/?gclid=EAIaIQo ... gKHB_D_BwE

2) At the top right of the home page click on "Forum" (under where it says Join and Donate)

3) You will then see the main Index for the Forum itself. In the top right hand corner you will see a red box, click on that and then click on Login in the drop down menu.

4) Enter your login details - email address and password you set when you signed up.

You will then have access and be able to post/reply. At this point I suggest "bookmarking" the page in your browser so that you return to the forum quicker next time.

Any problems please reply via this topic.
Hi Liz, welcome to the forum.
Make sure you have a Carers Assessment from Social Services, and your friend has a Needs Assessment. There are often services in an area that are not advertised, but SSD will know all about them.
Needs / Carers Assessments in Wales ?

New laws , subtle differences ... current sp on both :