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Hi there

I am new to this forum.

I have been my Mum's carer for 3 years now. Unfortunately, Mum is deteriorating fast. She has about 12 medical conditions including MDS. She has been blood transfusion dependent for 8 years and has had 150 units.

Things are very difficult for both Mum and I. It is difficult to know what to do to improve matters. I have joined the local Carer's group but rarely manage to attend.


Hi Colin, welcome to the forum.
I've just googled MDS, as I've never heard of it before. How does it affect mum on a day to day basis? How much are you doing for her?
Carers Groups in my area seem to be dominated by people caring for the elderly with dementia, not so suitable for me caring for a son with learning difficulties, now 38. However, hopefully it does give you a contact name who you can talk to away from the meetings?
How old is mum? Is she claiming all the benefits which she is entitled to?
When did you last have a 7 day holiday? Carer Fatigue, or as I call it "Clapped out Carer Syndrome" can creep in, if you don't get regular breaks. You get more and more tired until there's just nothing more to give.