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Hi I'm Cazzanne
New to the forum hoping to get some advice. I am a carer for my husband and just myself getting over breast cancer so things have been pretty tough lately.
Nice to be amongst fellow carers
Hi Cazz

Welcome to the forum.

What a lovely name you have. Sorry to hear about your ill health. Hope you get time to recover yourself before you have to cope full time with your husbands care.

I am full time carer for my husband who was disabled in an accident in 1999, then for the last two years has had operations and treatment for cancer. He was just getting to have more good days than bad when he touched rubbish where rats had been and ended up with a mild form of weilds disease which had him completely off his feet for almost three weeks.

We just take a day at a time (like recovering alchoholics without the benefit of drink!)

I also look after my dad who is 88 and in sheltered housing in the same town but on the different side of the river. It was his birthday today and they had cake at daycare for him.

Take care
Welcome Cazz!

I'm in a similar situation, caring for my husband who has heart disease and COPD (emphysema) while myself recovering from three operations over the past year. It's not easy looking after yourself as well as your husband in these circumstances and my only advice (which I don't always follow!) is to accept all offers of help from family, friends and neighbours (even the vague ones like 'Do let us know if there's anything we can do'). I don't know how much your husband can help you as opposed to vice-versa, but I do try to encourage the things mine can do (e.g. my latest op left me with a very weak grip - he can open jars and catfood packets for me). It makes him feel better. I'd like to hear more about your current situation when you have the time - regards, Celia
hi cazz and welcome Image
hi cazz and welcome Image
hi cazz and welcome
i too look after my husband, look forward to chatting/ debating good and bad days.
Hi Cazz and welcome