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intermediate care or reablement by local authority? - Carers UK Forum

intermediate care or reablement by local authority?

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Hope you all can give me some honest advice and personal experiences of how to cope with adult social services assessments for a loved one that is absolutely worried sick at the moment. :?

Anyone have had loved one or the person cared for who has been put on or assessed for a programme called Reablement or sometimes called enablement and intermediate care, run by their local NHS or council.

Anyone had personal experience or knows what it involves.....this is being offered to someone who I am caring for and they have not been told what it involved or how the reablement team will assess them? The person is worried sick as they have autism, and cannot cope with the unknown...love to hear from you all.

Take care. xxx
Hi, I'm sorry I don't know what it would entail but do understand how difficult the unknown can be for someone with autism as I care for S and he has autism.

Can I ask what kickstarted the offer of renablement? Is the person coming out of hospital?

I'd be inclined to contact whoever is coming out to do the assessment and ask for information beforehand. As a vulnerable person your caree can also request that you or an advocate are present at the assessment.

I would be very wary. At the moment, assessments in my county, Hampshire, are all about cutting hours at any price. My son, aged 37, mental age 3, has just had his hours drastically reduced and the county are simply not listening to me about his needs. Big Battle looming!
Has the person concerned previously had an assessment? If so, make sure you have your copy to hand, so you can refer them back to it if necessary. If the hours are being reduced, ask why. I just wish they'd stop calling services by silly names, the latest in our area is "Launchpad" - walking round a town and spending money he hasn't got on a meal he doesn't need! Make absolutely certain that those concerned understand the effect of the disability. My son was expected to walk a mile to the "Launchpad" the assessor didn't realise that it was absolutely out of the question to make the journey without supervision as it involved crossing the busiest road in town - she was new to the area, and didn't realise the geography of the walk involved.
Dad has had care provided from Intermediate Care Services a couple of times but they refused the last time as his needs were ongoing long term as opposed to getting him back to being more independent upon return.
The assessment was done by OT in the hospital and I believe they look at things like climbing stairs where appropriate, getting in and out of bed and on and off the toilet. They may consider whether the patient can dress unaided or get to the toilet unaided . I remember they went through making a sandwich with Dad- cheese and tomato and making a cup of tea. Sadly these are mostly beyond him now so reablement not appropriate. It is nothing to get unduly stressed about and best to emphasise what the problems are as more likely to get a care package upon returning home. Hope this helps .