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Newbie - Carers UK Forum


Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi I'm new to this forum . I am amazed at the strength and resilience of so many people on here !
I am a carer to my 20year old daughter who has learning disabilities .
I lost both parents ,who were a huge source of support ,and my disabled brother ,within the space of 3years . I was with my brother in hospital when he died . A very traumatic experience .
I now suffer with bouts of anxiety but have to pull myself through for my family's sake .
Wishing everyone well
Julie .
Hi Julie
Welcome to the forum, it sounds as though you have been through a very tough period in your life with so many losses. I'm glad you've found the forum, it is a great place to make some virtual friends and to get support, either from information or just a place to say it how it is and have a rant every now and then :D :D
Thanks Henrietta !
It's good to know that there are other people out there as life can be quite isolating as a carer .....hence the bouts of anxiety !
Looking forward to making some virtual friends !
Hello Julie. Welcome. Rant away if you need to. Knowing you won't be judged helps. Virtual (((hug)))
Hello from a fellow newbie. I can identify with anxiety issues you mention. Nice to know you are not alone
Thanks !
Anxiety is a strange one with me ....all the while I'm facing and dealing with problems I don't notice it ..its when everything is quiet that I go to pieces !!
Hi Julie
Welcome to the forum. That period of time, when you lost so many loved ones in rapid succession must have been so very hard.
Anxiety seems to come with the 'job'. I have bouts of pacing and fretting and actually I'm progressing towards a better situation, (I hope), as my Mum is now in a Care Home. However it's early days yet and I'm finding it very hard to hand over full control of her care. I worry constantly.
So the very different situations we all find ourselves in share very similar problems, emotions and anxieties. Hope you find support and friendship here.
Thanks for your kind words Elaine . Although I wouldn't wish trouble on anyone ,it is a comfort to find that there are others in the same boat !
I do hope that your Mum settles well in her care home....it must be hard for you to let go ,but once you see her happy and well cared for ,you will have peace of mind .