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Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi, i'm new on here. My partner suffers with depression & ptsd. So far i've been coping but this week is hard.I need someone to talk to :(
Hi Caroline,
Have you asked Social Services for a Carers Assessment? There
may be things organised in your area you don't know about, which might help you both.
Hello Caroline and welcome to the forum :)

Take a little time and have a look around the forum - we've got lots of different sections. Join in any of the topic that take your fancy or start a new one of your own :) Maybe try out Roll Call (which is situated in Members Corner) - it's entirely private for forum members only and is our version of a 'chat over the garden fence' :)
I just need to know how to cope with certain situations. My partner stopped taking his pills about 3 weeks ago without notifying his GP. He's very "old school" & wants to do things his way.
The problem i am facing now is he keeps ignoring me (we dont live together) if i send him a text he won't reply yet i see him on facebook chatting away to almost complete strangers.
His response, once i speak to him is always the same...too busy to reply. Yet he's not too busy to go on Facebook.
This week he has worked from 8am till bedtime (he has a manual job) & in the evenings he is either digging up his garden till dark or helping others with manual jobs around their homes.
He is convinced that if he stops, he'll go mad.
I'm worried that he will burn himself out or worse have a nervous breakdown.
What can i do ????
My hubby decided to stop taking his pills a while ago and I booked an appointment with his GP to tell him. The GP can't discuss it with you, but he listened and quite soon after hubby got a message giving him an appointment "to review his medication". At this appointment hubby was persuaded to continue taking his meds.
I don't know that there is much else that you can do except not to take it to heart.
Hi Caroline,

I don't know if this organisation can help you as they treat people with PTSD rather than their families, if you see what I mean, but it might be worth contacting them to see if they can give you any kind of advice or support:


Although they were set up originally to help people in the military they do support people from all walks of life. I do know (from personal experience) that being very 'busy' all the time is a way (in some people) of blocking out bad feelings or experiences and keeping them at bay. So they might be able to offer you support or suggest someone else who can; personally I've found understanding why people do the things they do really helps me know how to help them, if that makes sense?
Thank you all & yes MumWhoCares, thats what i need to know.......how to support & understand why he does what he does.
I've walked away from him, can't handle constantly being rejected but i worry so much about him not resting :(
Hi Caroline, welcome :D

How are things going since your posts? I hope things are a bit more positive for you.

As Susie said, there's plenty of areas to have a moan, a laugh, a chin wag and a lively debate on this site.

Kiki x