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Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi I'm new on here. I care for mum and dad and have for about 6 year. dad is quite able bodied for 81. Mum is 80s. Mum has copd, heart failure, and an intestinal bleed that causes anemia. I live about 5 mile from them although my brother lives about 5 mins away but he works full time. I have a husband with cmt, two daughters with cmt and a grandson with cmt and a granddaughter without. They are all in the early stages so they don't need too much of my time although I try to help when I can. I just need a friendly ear at the moment. Many thanks

Hi carol and welcome to the forum
Have a look around and feel free to jump in with a reply anywhere you like. If you want to ask a particular question then do start a new topic - someone is bound to know the answer.
There is chat in the social section, some of which is pretty amusing. Do feel free to join in.
Cockin at least one friendly ear for you!

And all as crocus says ......seconded!
Hello Carol and welcome. They are a good friendly bunch on here. They give out lots of hugs and waves. And lots of good advice. Between everyone they have seen everything and heard everything, someone will always have a solution to any problem. xx I have only been on this site since end of Dec. I am always on. lol. xx
Cheers everyone. It's a bit confusing but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it lol x
Welcome from me too. Don't worry unduly about putting things in the right place. The mods are all very friendly and will move your post if they feel it's appropriate. I do hope that you manage to find some "me" time in your week. I used to say that once I'd gone to have my bath, they'd have to sort themselves out.
Hi Carol, Im new too. I care for my mum and my husband.Hope the forum will be useful for you.
Welcome to us mixed bunch of carers Image
Hi and welcome,

You have a lot on your plate.

You'll find the forum a friendly place.