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Hi Pat and welcome Image
Glad you have got things sorted Image
Im so happy for you pat- it really does help when you have supportive family!!
please go and enjoy yourself and re charge those batteries!!!!!

Let us know how it went!

Li xxx
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H i all

am back from the 5 day break which was wonderful and hubby is fine, but as expected the daughter in law sent me off with a few nasty comments and now I am back is texting that hubby was in danger of food poisening and that my son came most days and I owe him a big thank you which of course I will thank him. I had severalpeople come in to spend time with him he is quite capable at the moment of getting what food he wants which is not a lot sometimes, how on earth do I cope with this awful situation, I have not answered her 3 texts and do not intend to but I can see this developing into an real problem.
Anyone else had this daughter in law problem, by the way she is a non worker children at school and did not even ring him up let alone visit!!!

feeling really daunted by the fact my hubby 15 years older than me has 2nd stage dementia, did nt even recognise his boys photo this morning although functions well at home even irons/gardens. I am still working full time at the moment, is there anyone else working and coping with this
I also have a chance of 6 days break away , have arranged for 2 friends to come in and make sure he is OK and eating well etc, and our mutal decorator friend is at house 4 of the 6 days, but am feeling guilty about wanting to go and of course the daughter - in law in stiring it up, loves dad in law to bits - never comes to see him though.

Am also finding it difficult to get advice/help any ideas anyone