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Hi, I found this site whilst searching for practical help with caring for my mom. I don't live with mom, I live with my teenage son, and go to work part time. However despite mom having a carer visit 4 times daily for the basics, I still need to be there for her every day (and want to). I will be using the Carers UK site for practial help and emotional support from people who know how I often feel (and have much harder lives caring for a loved one full time!). Look forward to meeting you all online.
Hi Pauline and welcome aboard!

The others will be along shortly Image !!
Hi Pauline. Welcome on board. I'm quite new myself and I look after my mam who is 82 tomorrow. I don't live with my mam either but I don't have any children. I see to her in the mornings and at night and I leave her something for lunch as she can't get into the kitchen. Last week she got an electric wheelchair to use around the house so I have to spend a bit more time with her getting used to using it. I don't mind looking after my mam but I do have a problem with my brother and sister-in-law who seem to think that I don't work very hard. I have found others on here that say they have trouble with relatives. Like you I'm hoping to find practical help and emotional support as I can't talk to my family as they alwasy seem to be detached when I try to explain things to them. So, don't worry, you are not alone in the feeling you get. I'm probably going through the same thing.
hello and welcome
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, it is much appreciated.
Yes, Linda Iknow what you mean, believe it or not I have 3 sisters, but most of the carers think I am an only child, because they never see the other 3 Image
Everything is left to me, despite me asking for their help continously, so I think I am just going to have to get used to the fact that they are just too selfish to give any of their time for mom.
I think this site is going to be a huge help to me. I feel for you too Linda. X
Hello and welcome Image
Welcome aboard Pauline, love your avatar Image
Hi and a warm welcome to the forum.