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Hi - My first post - Carers UK Forum

Hi - My first post

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I've been looking after Mum for the past 2 years now. She's 89 next month and, luckily, still only in the early stages of Alzheimers.
She lives with us, albeit in the chalet in our garden, where she can maintain at least some of her independence.
I'm her only carer, being an only child. We live 300 miles away from the rest of the family, so no-one to talk to about any problems I occasionally have.
That's why I've signed up for this. It's good to talk.
Hi and welcome to the forum, its a really friendly place in here. Image Image Image
others will be along soon

Kat xx
Hello Brenda and welcome to the forum.

My Mum (88) also with Alzheimer's has recently moved into a residential care home. I moved in with her two years ago to care for her full time whilst her Alzheimer's was still in the moderate range, but now that she has deteriorated further I can no longer cope full time virtually on my own. Mum has only been in the home for just over 2 weeks so it is early days yet as to whether she will settle fully - at the moment it's a bit 'touch and go'. But she had got to the stage where she no longer recognised her own home of 20 years and I was a virtual stranger to her despite being with her 24/7. Since being in the home she no longer seems to have the problem of knowing who I am because she has gone back to a time in her life when I didn't see her every day and so my visits now fit in with where (in time) she believes she is.

When you're ready come and join us on Roll Call (in the Carer to Carer section) where a lot of us 'meet up' to exchange gossip about our daily doings Image
Hi Brenda and welcome Image
Susieq - you made me cry - thank you
hi brenda wellcome you can talk as much as you like some one will be listening take care Image Image Image
Hi Brenda, and welcome, I too care for my mum and am an only child. Good that you have her close at hand and still some independence for her. I am an hour away from my mum and spend weekends and one night a week there; or as she recently told Social Services, "my daughter helps a bit when she can" Image Looking forward to seeing your posts . . .
Hi and a warm welcome to the forum.
Hi Brenda
i have only recently joined but have found this forum so helpful knowing your not alone, i also look after my mum who suffers from depression and agrophobia my mum lives next door to me and as i am a only child sometimes its hard as you have no one else to share your stresses with i am sure you will find alot of support here takecare x
Hi welcome to you Image , you will find here people that know what you have been and will be going through , we help each other , we care for each other , we dont mind if you have a rant now and then , its part of our life . so take care and hope to see your posts on the forum Image Image , if there is any questions then ask away somebody here will know the answer , there will always somebody to help , take care Image Image