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newbee - Carers UK Forum


Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi my name is susan and I am new to this site.I recently became a care for my husband and had to leave work to look after him and find it a struggle at times
Hi Susan and welcome
I am my husbands carer too. It is hard on all sorts of levels. There is the shift in responsibilities because you now have to do things that he once would have done, there is the subtle change in relationships from husband/wife to carers/caree, you have to adjust to being at home instead of working and to top it all there is a load of form filling and lack of finances. :dry:
Do join in where ever you wish and if you want to talk about something specific do feel free to start a new topic.
Hi Susan, welcome to the forum. Sorry you had to leave your job. Make sure you find out about all the financial help available to you. Money doesn't make people better, but it can certainly make life easier! I've been a carer for 35 years, since my son was born. I've also cared for four elderly disabled parents. Sadly, only mum left now, so severely disabled that she had to move into a nursing home after months in hospital.
Hi Susan and welcome,

Sounds like you and your husband are getting used to some big changes. I hope you find the forum supportive.

Morning Susan
I've only recently joined this site myself and have already found it very useful and supportive. Some of the advice I have been given I've thought of course why didn't I think of that. Sometimes when you are in a situation you can't see the wood for the trees and this group is brilliant at helping you out. xxx