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Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Image hi everyone in a new bee and not really sure wat to say im 26 on look after my partner who had mental illness Image[[/quote]
Welcome! With a user name like cheekymonkey you'll fit right in! Image
Just adding my welcome too.

You only say what you feel you're comfortable with.Most of us are here to receive/offer support.

CUK site itself has a wealth of information so take a look round.
If you have any questions please ask.

Just adding my welcome to the forum - look forward to hearing about you and your partner.

Take care

Paula xx
Also wanted to add my welcome to the others... Image
does anybody know why there are no mental health services at the weekend apart from a&e where your stuck in a room and left for hours on end until somebody qualifed enough to deal with the problem is found because its beyond me
In one easy answer money Mental health is the lowest priority of all in the NHS, if you are already in the system there is an emergency crisis centre you can ring I don`t know how good they are I have only just been the phone number after 11 years.

I would just like to welcome you both to the forum!!

As for help at the weekends Tony is right unless your already in the system your only point of contact is A&E but they can refer you to the crisis team if your partner is in need of this. They only work with you on a short term basis it usually lasts up to 8wks approx & then they pass you on to a CPN & psychiatrist. The CPN works with my husband & does home visits twice a week but is also there for me as well I find him a good support & can contact him if I've a problem.
I hope some of this information helps you!

Take care Deb x