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Hi all. Am new to caring, so please bear with my if my first few posts are about the basics. regards Alan
Hi Alan

Welcome to the forum - anything you need to know please ask, we've all been new to caring at some point, it can be scary so shout out if you need any help or advice.

Look forward to chatting with you soon

Paula xx
Glad to see smeone new and you are most welcome. And I think we understand able the few posts going to basic. After all we have to start somewhere.

Anyway mean time have a look around and work out what you wish to ask or speak about. We shall be not that far away to answer you.

Hi all many thanks for the warm welcome Image
Hello Pippin

Just adding my welcome to the others!

Glad to have you onboard, you'll feel right at home here, there is always someone around to offer advice and support.

Take care
Maryann x