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am newbie

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi my names Shandy ie; call me Jo if u like. My husband has schitzophrenia and has had cancer which has left him incontinent. He also has sleep disorder and manic depression. I m his fulltime carere. PLeased to meet u all xx Image Image
Hi Shandy
I am a carer for my wife with accute paranoid schitzophrenia
there are lots of great people on here


Tony wow. My husbands n drug called quetiapine it has almost stopped his voices cant belive the change in him. His CPN also says that phsychotherapy can acyually stop a lot of voices cus a lo6t of schitzophrenices r the way thyre are cus of past trumas and abuse thye may have encountered. So take heart she can get better. The cpn tells me a lot of schitzophrenics get netter. Completely in many cases.
Hi Shandy
Thanks for that but unfortunately we are not one of the lucky ones
My wife has been suffering for 15 years now, and we have been told
that in this case things will not really improve, we just have to keep things as stable as we can.
Hi Jo,

Welcome to the forum.Lots of information to be found on the main site too.
Look forward to reading more from you

x x
am sorry if i raised ur expevtations. Well am sure she appreciates ur role as a carer. It must be hard 4 u very hard. My hubby gets voices but is lots better cus hes come off of olanzapine and now gone ontp quetiapine drug with no side effects. His voices was due to long term encountering sexual abuse as a child and a teenager from men. Over the yrs the stress caused him to have auditary hallucinations sadly. I love him dearly and i understand how blooming hard it gets becaus eu start get feelings of well this dsont feellike marriage. We now manage to go out 4 cofees together when hes on a good day. Try to think about any positives in ur marriage if u can? i know it not easy tho. But know ur NOT alone my friend.

I am possibly going to regret this but..how do you have rats as pets Image Image

hello jo

welcome to the forum Image

my rats r like sweet puppies and got 4 baby mice too. I have my pets due to not being able t o bear children as my husbands had cancer sadly. I want smthing to mother Image Image
thnks good 2 c u too my dear